Hope Through Hard Times


A Good Heart-to-Heart Leads to Beauty from Brokenness

Let’s pretend I come for a visit. The long wait for children has left you feeling broken.
There is safe space for you to share your deepest heartache about it all with someone who understands. Then comes a blessing which gives you hope to carry on, and a plan to find Jesus’ beautiful gifts in the waiting.

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Evidence of the King Grows in a Twelve-Year-Old Boy

The Passover was a grand celebratory reminder of God’s deliverance and independence for Israel from Egypt. It reminded them of His provision and protection, which carried on through the wilderness and into the Promised Land. Over a thousand years later, the Israelites had mixed feelings as they journeyed towards the festival once again.

Israel lost their independence and were now under the control of the Roman empire. Their hearts weighed heavy because they knew what they were supposed to be – a privileged nation under God’s rule alone. Yet, as they travelled toward Jerusalem for the yearly Passover, they held onto hope that the words of the prophets of Yahweh would soon come true. Little did majority of the people know that year that the Deliverer was already in their midst.

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The Beautiful Gift of the Present with Jesus

Much like everyday life, and the ebb and flow of your assignments, the space between Christmas and New Years finds you in the mix of sorrow and joy. Perhaps this year was mostly filled with joyous memories and it’s hard to think about turning the calendar to a new year and all the unknowns of the future, producing a tension between joy and anxiety of the unknowns. Or, for you it might be that this year has been more sorrowful so the thought of turning the calendar brings you a bit of joy in anticipating that things will be better. You want to hasten closer to New Year’s and you’re doing anything you can to prepare for that new day.

But the reality is that you can’t hold on to the past as it will always be just that: the past. And you can’t dictate your future. Only God can. So, the best is to learn to live in the awkward space of the present where joy and sorrow mingle. For I find it is in this space where God presents His greatest peace and revelation

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Pause in the Stillness of Time with Jesus this Christmas

As the hustle and bustle grows quiet, there’s this sweet spot of time between Christmas and New Year’s where you can take a deep breath and rest. Sure, there may be gatherings to attend, but overall, there’s a general sense of calm that comes with the holidays; a transition between the end of one year and the beginning of another.

Before the expectations and wishes of the new year begin, come before the Lord with thanksgiving. Lay all the unknowns of the future and the memories of the past at His feet, and embrace the present with Him. The lyrics to the song, Bigger than I Thought by Worship Initiative are powerful:..

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Inspire Hope Podcast

Are You Hoping for a Special Gift this Christmas?

Christmas can be a blessing or a challenge depending on your circumstances. But there’s one thing that can make it special regardless. There’s a gift available to you that can change your difficulties and make them beautiful.

Would you like a special gift this Christmas? If so, tune into this episode to hear what it is and how it has impacted both of our hosts!

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Generous Giving During Tough Times: Spreading Hope and Love

During challenging periods, the true spirit of humanity often shines through as people come together to support one another. For many the acts of generosity can provide a glimmer of hope and a sense of unity to both the giver and the receiver. The question is how do you continue to give when you are faced with challenging times yourself?

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Jesus – From a Tiny Babe to the King of Kings!

Each received a message informing them that their lives were about to drastically change. The long awaited Messiah was about to arrive. Simple, fully human people prepared the way for the King of Kings to come. Were they prepared for His arrival in the reality of His little infant birth, and the responsibility that followed?

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