Release, Pray, Dream – Prayer Guided Journal (4×6)


Meeting with Jesus each morning helps you release the weight of yesterday’s thoughts and events, and look forward to a new day.  It gives you a space to ask the Lord to be with you, reminding you that He is the leader of your life. Then, as you take that precious time with Him, it allows you to dream of the future. You feel your control and expectations lift as you trust the Lord to take care of everything. Then you can find joy in Him and in life.

This journal is designed to help guide you in your daily devotional time.  It gives you time to meditate on an attribute of God that He’s revealing to you, and a space to write something you’re thankful to Him for. The daily journal entry ends the day with three main prayer requests you have for the Lord. The next page offers three spots to record how the Lord has answered those prayers so that you can remember and rejoice in His faithfulness.


All 4×6 journals are perfect bound and contain 180 pages.

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Dimensions 15.24 × 10.16 × 1 cm