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Navigating Truth & Reconciliation Day

There are many conflicting emotions and opinions surrounding this Truth and Reconciliation Day. It’s hard to know how to react among everything else that’s been thrown at us these past couple of years.
However, in light of that, I would like to take this post today to look to Jesus.

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The Book is Written!

… I am so excited to share with you that the first draft of the book is officially written! The Lord has finished this part of our story. I would like to introduce you to (insert drumroll here): …

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Why Journal?

I never used to be great at journaling. I didn’t really see the point when I was younger. All I understood of journaling was writing about all my crushes growing up (yes, there were many!) or recording all my woes in life. It was a way to vent without complaining to others.

Now I realize that’s there is great value and purpose to it. Come find out why. (There’s a little upcoming surprise in there too!)

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