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A Father’s Love Exposed through a Child’s Letter

Have you given a gift to someone you thought he might like but didn’t find out until later the significance it held for him? Have you received such a gift?

Anna wrote her father a letter when he was 65 years old. On this episode, find out what happened to it, the significance it held for a number of people, and how God used it to propel Anna into her successful writing ministry!

Award-winning author Anna Moore Bradfield has been spinning tales, exaggerating the truth, and flat-out lying almost as long as she could talk. Nowadays, she calls it fiction. She has contributed devotionals to The Secret Place, written articles for West Michigan Christian News, and was a regular contributor to the Norton-Lakeshore Examiner. She also enjoyed collaborating on anthologies The Transformation Project and Anchor in the Storm.

With her debut novel Legacy, Anna is thrilled to be the 2022 first-place recipient of the OASIS Awards sponsored by The Well Conference for Creatives. Legacy represents book one of a planned four-book series called The Lambswool Chronicles.

As one reader describes her work: “Anna’s writing makes you want to grab onto something and hang on for dear life. You can hardly wait to turn the page to find out what happens next.”

Anna came to know Christ as her savior at a very early age. He has been her guiding light through the most tumultuous years of her life. She gives all praise to God for any successes she might realize on this writing journey.

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