Hope Through Hard Times

Guest Writers

I’ve Got You

I had been looking forward to my day off for a while. With all the morning chores completed, I decided it was time for a little – me time. I said goodbye to the kids and ventured off rollerblading. I changed my route to avoid any challenging spots and just took it easy, enjoying the sunshine and the chance to relax and do whatever came next.

That was until I fell.

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Ezra 4 – A Time of Testing

The pattern of life with Yahweh is pretty consistent. He is predictable in His life with us. That may sound crazy with all of the unexpected things that happen, but let’s pause and take a step back to gain a broader perspective for a moment.

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No Turning Back

An elderly lady approached me one Sunday morning at church. She had a weathered look from years of suffering on her face. She spoke strongly and almost seemed stern most times, but there was something intriguing about her. There was a softness under that hard exterior; one that exuded wisdom and closeness with Christ. She didn’t speak often, but you sure listened when she did. So, when she approached me, I gave her my undivided attention.

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