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Sliding Doors

Car doors, barn doors, cupboard doors, front doors. Do you know what all these things have in common? They would all be boring speech topics but do you know what is an interesting topic? Sliding doors!

Hi, my name is Molly Parker. I’d like to talk to you today about the sliding doors of history.

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Examples of Succession Planning

Succession planning is critical for success. It is important in your personal, business, and ministry endeavours. You learned about the basics of succession planning and why it’s important last month. Today, let’s take a look at some more Biblical examples of this.

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Encounters or Relationships – Part 2

Elisha was a prophet that walked hand-in-hand with the Lord. If God told him to go left, he went left. He listened for the Lord’s voice. This is clearly stated by the Aramean soldier who told the king that Elisha knew what he whispered in his bedroom. Was Elisha a supernatural being? No. He didn’t have any power in himself. The Lord put the words in Elisha’s ears since God is all-knowing. Elisha listened well and was eager to respond. He studied the Scriptures which allowed him to recognize the voice of God. He leaned into Yahweh, giving greater room for the Spirit to work mightily within him. Then when the miraculous encounters took place, it was a natural extension of what Elisha had been experiencing with the Lord already.

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Men – The Silent Ache

The wife is usually the one to get more compassion from others because she wears her emotions more openly. It’s harder for her to hide the sorrow she’s going through. It’s normal for women to seek comfort from close friends and family and to process with more people outside of the home.

It’s often the husband that deals with it silently.

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Encounters or Relationship?

The Spirit’s encounters are miraculous and very important but do they overshadow the desire for a deeper relationship with Jesus and you? How do the two work together and what can you do to appropriately appreciate both?

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