Hope Through Hard Times

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Hope Found During Challenging Financial, Business, and Relational Situations

You’ve felt the yoyo effect of business and finances. For a time you were doing really well and making great gains, but the next thing you know, you’re handing the keys of your house and car over to the bank. How do you navigate the shame and embarrassment of perceived failure?

You were pursuing education for the job you’ve always dreamed of doing, but it wasn’t going as you had planned. Now, not only have you quit school, your wedding engagement is called off, and church and family relationships are struggling. How do you know what to do next?

Many of these scenarios are quite common. Either yourself or someone you know has/is working through them. Each of these causes you to test your faith. This was the case for Andrena Sawyer. Tune into today’s episode as she shares with Rachel how she learned to cling to God, surrender her plans, and instead, embrace the ones He had for her, along the surprises and blessings she experienced from Him because of it.

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Honouring Your Spouse Regardless of the Infertility

It’s not in the beginning stages or even when you hear that awful confirmation of your infertility that the testing and trial really sinks in. It hits in the quiet months and years ahead when you’re reeling from the information and aren’t sure what to do next; it’s in the murky middle of the waiting. The time when you are solely reliant on God to give you direction in how to proceed. And it’s in this season where the conflicts in these marriages can really surface.

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Even If…

“We had been praying. We felt so sure of this course of action. We had even witnessed a positive response to treatment initially. Hadn’t we been seeking God’s will for our son and felt his tender leading to this current course of action? Then why wasn’t it working? How could his condition
now be labeled “severe”? Why did God choose to let this happen to our son?”

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Guest Writers

Can Loneliness Be Seen as a Gift?

“Have you felt lonely today, yesterday, this past year? Do you feel like you spend more time feeling isolated than feeling fulfilled by your social community? As cliché as this sounds, you are not alone in this, and that is why this is such an important thing to talk about seriously and to look at with a biblical lens. CNN reported in October 2023 that in a recent Meta-Gallup survey one in four adults worldwide reported that they feel fairly or very lonely. (Nicioli, 2023). This is the standard worldwide and we are no different in Canada (Statistics Canada, 2021). Loneliness is experienced by many people and can be debilitating.”

But there’s always hope! Keep reading…

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Do You Know About Jesus’ Victorious Kingdom of Peace?

Jesus’ life on earth was to conquer sin, shame, and death, and offer everlasting life to those who put their faith in Him. But there was a process even for God Himself to follow, a royal order to put Jesus on the throne over heaven and earth. And thankfully, this plan graciously included humans.

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Practical Help for Navigating an Overwhelming Financial Situation

Happy New Year! January is often a time where we become filled with the desire to make big changes. Too often we have the best of intentions to make these positive changes only to find ourselves overwhelmed and discouraged a few weeks into the new year. Whether you had intentions of being more prepared for unexpected expenses, dealing with debt, or simply trying to make ends meet, financial stress can take a toll on your well-being. In this article, we’ll explore practical strategies to help you navigate overwhelm and regain control of your big financial changes for 2024.

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The Exciting Commissioning Ceremony of a Soldier and King

The British monarchy has been followed by millions of people around the world for decades. Their lives captivate us with romance, drama, and intrigue most likely from the fairy tales of castles, princes, and princesses since we were children.

Many have adored Prince William as they’ve watched him grow and prepare to become a future king. One thing he has had to do to train for this position is learn to defend his country from the front lines, like kings have done in millenniums past. Even David marched out in front with his mighty men before and after he became king.

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Inspire Hope Podcast

Have You Been Duped to Believe Spiritual Oneness?

Tune into a fascinating, hard, and eye-opening conversation as Sammy interviews Carl Teichrib about his book, “Games of Gods, The Temple of Man in the Age of Re-Enchantment.”

They dive into discussions on climate change, what the enemy looks like in various cultures, and how we as Christians can have Gospel conversations in places that might make us feel uncomfortable, but open doors to people hearing about Jesus who may never have before.

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