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Hope for Broken Family Relationships

There are certainly many components to my testimony, most of which I’ll share over time with you, but the one I want to highlight today is critical in today’s society because divorce is rampant.

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Guest Writers

Disorder to Direction

“I sat at my computer waiting for the all too familiar zoom screen to show the people on the other end.  I had been terrified for weeks for this meeting.  The one that might finally end the unknowing narrative playing out in my mind.  I had prayed many times that the explanation would be different from the one I suspected, but this was the meeting that would tell me the truth.  As questions were asked, and experiences were shared the meeting seemed to last for an eternity, until the final minutes where the diagnosis was finally said.  I had an eating disorder.  Something I had known since I was a child, but the reality was finally crashing down…”

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Inspire Hope Podcast

Episode 14 – Could You Do It?

In this episode Brennan and Rhonda Cattani share some of the journey that God brought them on as he prepared them to plant a church in a core neighbourhood in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Their discovery was not groundbreaking, but it certainly was life-changing;  the discovery that all of life is church and church is all of life.

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Looking Toward Easter

What does Easter mean to me? Why? What does it mean to you? Are you preparing your heart, mind, soul, and spirit? Has the Bible story because monotonous to you? Let’s take this month to look afresh at the hope we have in Jesus Christ.

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