Testimonies are Motivating

“Come and see the wonders of God; his acts for humanity are awe-inspiring.” Psalm 66:5

Testimonies are what God intended for us to use in order to encourage one another in our faith. It’s His mark in the current world to show us He is still the same God today as He was in the Bible. ⁠

The early church thrived on the testimonies of God’s work among them. They were facing great persecution. The truth of the Lord’s presence and miracles kept them going, knowing that the “testing of their faith produces endurance.” (James 1:3) The more they trusted in Christ, no matter the risk, the more their faith grew, and that of those around them.

It is working through trials that you can see the greatest acts of the Lord because your life is dependent on His actions. 

I’ve always love testimonies! I find them inspiring and they motivate my faith into action.

I was about a year into dealing with my post-concussion syndrome. I couldn’t attend church because the lights and loud music bothered my head. So, I’d pick a sermon online to listen to, curl up on the couch away from the screen, and get my fill of truth in for the day while Michael was at church.

Priscilla Shirer is one motivating speaker! She is bold in declaring God’s word and does a great job at connecting it with our lives. She had a guest on her show that day. Her name was Katherine Wolf.

Katherine suffered a massive stroke at the age of 26 that left her greatly disabled. This budding model was now confined to a wheelchair and barely able to take care of her infant child. She shared her story with Priscilla, explaining the drastic tragedy that changed the entire trajectory of her life.

Yet, even in the difficulty of learning basic skills again, like swallowing and eating, you could hear the passion and fire in her heart for Jesus. She chose to let Jesus have control, rather than let her circumstances cripple her even further.

As I listened to her testimony of spiritual renewal and strength in amongst her suffering, I realized that I had a choice as well. I could choose to let my brain injury excuse me from everything and take over. Or, I could choose to let my heart turn towards Jesus and fight for Him. Regardless of what state my body was in, I had the choice to grow spiritually, knowing that was ultimately what would bring me the most life in the end. Her story propelled me to make changes in mine.

Is there a favourite testimony that motivates and puts you into action?

⁠Moments you encounter the presence of the Lord, or even just hear about it, has the possibility to transform someone else’s life. This is why sharing it is so powerful. ⁠Is there a testimony you’d like to share of God’s work in your life today? Comment below or message me for an opportunity to share. I think it’s important that we share from His perspective.⁠

“Blessed be the Lord God, the God of Israel,
who alone does wonders.
Blessed be his glorious name forever;
the whole earth is filled with his glory.
Amen and amen.”

Psalm 72:18

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