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Episode 12 – What Happens When Good Christians Fail

Did you grow up in the church and in a Christian home, but have walked away from your faith and never looked back? Do you feel you are too far gone? Do you think God could never use you because of all the mistakes you’ve made?

Janise Somer was a pastor’s daughter, attended Sunday School and youth group, sang in the church choir, went to Bible college, married a Christian, and even worked on staff at a large church in Calgary. But things changed when her husband of 18 years left her with two little girls under the age of 7. She felt abandoned by her husband, the church, and by God. She found herself bitter and angry and began partying and looking for acceptance and validation in all the wrong places. In her rebellion against God, she even re-married and got divorced … again!

In this podcast, Janise will talk about the mess she made of her life, but how God didn’t forget about her and how he is now fulfilling the promise in her life, “He who began a good work in you will be faithful to complete it.”

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