Hope Through Hard Times


Wrestling with God

Are you ever in a circumstance where you’re not sure where your life is going? Every time you try to do something, it seems to end up working against you? Why is that and what do you do about it?

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The “Heart” of Cardio

You’re starting to get into exercising again. You decide to try cycling to add some variety into your cardio. You notice when you begin to increase your speed that your symptoms spike. You’ve hit a wall and can’t seem to get over it. What do you do?

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The Race with a Bang!

Jessica and I dashed off! We gave it our all. She held my speed well. It was getting close to the end. It was a split difference finish… then Bang!

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Options for Infertility – IUI

Dealing with infertility is hard enough. Then there’s the task of figuring out which method to choose to have children. Do you pursue IVF or go straight to adoption? How much money do you spend pursuing these avenues? Let’s start looking at options and testimonies to see what’s right for you

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