A Surprise Date for Prom

Prom was approaching. I had two tickets to attend and unfortunately, after just breaking up with my first boyfriend, I was solo. What was I going to do?

My brother came to the rescue. He had been away at school for the year and arrived back home a few weeks before my prom. After sharing my dilemma, he came up with an idea. He had a few great friends he made at college that were always looking for a good time. He asked me if I wanted to attend prom with one of them. Thinking I had nothing to lose, and not wanting to go on my own, I said sure. 

The next question he asked was whether I would prefer a romantic date or a fun one? Needing a pick-me-up, I chose fun. 

The “fun” date lived in Nova Scotia. My mom graciously offered to fly him in on some Air Miles she had accumulated. I would meet him the day of my prom. 

My prom day arrived. The doorbell rang early that morning. I thought Trevor and Micah were coming in later that day. So, unbeknownst to me, I answered the door in my pyjamas. My pyjama top had some homemade painted bunnies on them from years ago. My hair looked oh-so-fine, in its disheveled, washed-out pink, blonde, and black mess. And there stood Trevor and Micah. In shock, I introduced myself and said, “Wow, aren’t you going to see a contrast!” referring to my present state and later state of attire. 

He ignored it all, bless his heart, and told me he had eight dozen roses for me. I looked around wondering where he might be hiding them. Then he pulled a bag out of his pocket filled with eight dozen rose seeds. Yep, it was going to be a fun day. I burst out in laughter and ran upstairs to get ready for the day.

My hair was done, my dress on. I felt like Cinderella as she went from her rags to gown. I was ready to throw all the stress away and thoroughly enjoy this time. 

It was quite strange for me though. Here I was, a typical introvert, getting up the nerve to go out for a good time with a guy I literally just met. 

I think the thing Micah was most excited about was the opportunity to drive my 1987 Aeries K car. Also known as a steel box. It was my first car. I loved that thing. But that’s another story for another day though. We headed to the banquet hall and all the fun began. 

I was so nervous. I had worked hard my grade 12 year at trying to be a bit more outgoing and make the most of the memories. I had signed up for a couple of clubs and opened up with other students more. It definitely helped when prom finally came. I wasn’t completely horrified walking into a room full of people. Besides, I was coming with a wingman. “This should get interesting”, I thought to myself. Little did I know that Micah would become the life of the party. 

He had me point out a guy and a girl that I knew. He then proceeded to engage them individually in conversation. He managed to actually convince them that they knew him from elementary days. I believe he used the line of “grade five math class”. 

It was hilarious to observe. They went from disbelief, then confusion, and finally the possibility of vague memory. When he knew he had them, he shared that he had know idea who they were. We all laughed. 

The fun and slight embarrassing surprise continued throughout dinner. We sat with some friends and were served some roasted chicken and potatoes. The next thing I knew, Micah reached over to one of my friend’s plates, took one of her chicken legs, and proceeded to eat it. My eyes grew wide as I waited for her response. Thankfully, she was a good sport about it and laughed in shock of what happened. She stole something from his plate and they called it even. 

The night carried on with lots of laughter, jokes, dancing, and pictures galore. As I went to bed that night, my face had the biggest smile it had had in a long time. My heart was full and I was grateful for such a special memory. 

That flower on his lapel was from my “eight dozen roses” package!

My date was the talk of the class for the next while. Everyone found out the story of the random blind date. 

It made the rest of the year enjoyable. I had conversations and fun with people in my grade I never thought I would. It made it all worth it. 

It was actually a little hard to say good-bye to everyone when graduation came. I was grateful that my year, and my high school career had ended well. I was thankful that I had made the effort to try more with others. I appreciated my brother’s suggestion and the fun I had with Micah. It was certainly a memory in the bank that I would cherish for years to come. 

Thank you, Micah, for accepting that random invitation and making the end of my high-school year memorable. I will always look on that day with fondness. 

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