Prayer – For the Husband

Dear Father,

You designed men to lead and have authority over the world. You “…created man in [Your] own image” (Genesis 1:27). You made him rule over every animal and plant. Then you created a woman from man. You blessed them as a couple to work together for Your great purposes; to be in relationship with You. You wanted to “wow” them with Your creation. You wanted to teach them and love them.

That DNA has been interwoven into our men today. They have the sense to want to lead and feel important. They have an inherent nature to want to teach and direct others. They desire to raise up children to follow Your ways and understand the logics of how this world works, so that they can properly take care of it.

Yet, when they can’t conceive, they feel that loss. They don’t have the opportunity to wrestle with sons. They can’t show them how to treat a lady. They don’t have anyone to build up and teach a child like they’ve been taught. They can’t pass down genealogical stories or little family trade secrets. They can’t show a daughter her value and importance in this world.

Lord, as Father’s Day approaches, I know that most infertile men struggle through this day as much as women do on Mother’s Day. I know that this is a tough battle for them. It is even harder if it is because of male infertility.

Father, I ask you to show them how important they are to You. Please show them that they are still strong and honourable men. Men that You need to serve a great purpose for Your kingdom’s cause. Please give them a glimpse of what You are doing in their lives, or what part of their character You’re developing.

Help them to feel respected by their wives. Encourage these women to be their husband’s biggest cheerleader. He works hard. Please don’t let this trial taint their marriage. Let it push them closer to You and to each other.

May they see an opportunity that they can serve in together, that they can work hand in hand. Knit them closer together in this Lord. Speak to Your sons as only You can.

These men are not weak. They are not broken. They are strong. They are competent in You and the skills that You’ve given them. May others see and know them as this. May they be highly favoured and respected in their communities. Encourage them to reach out to younger men or children that need a mentor or father-like person in their lives. Instead of teaching their own child, instill in them a sense to reach many.

Father, You are good in all that You do. You are trustworthy. I lift my brothers to You knowing that You will everything out. Thank You for being their example.

In Jesus’ holy name we pray,

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