Hope Through Hard Times


A Man, a Tree, and a Pursuit

Do you ever feel like you’re on pursuit towards something that’s almost right there? You can see it in the distance. You know if you work a little harder, you’ll get it?

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A Surprise Date for Prom

Prom was approaching. I had two tickets to attend and unfortunately, after just breaking up with my first boyfriend, I was solo. What was I going to do?

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No More Excuses

I was too tired. I was too emotional. I would never be able to manage “normal” life again. My concussion ran my life.
Then I hit the moment when I felt “sick and tired of being sick and tired”. I gathered up the gumption to continue looking for solutions to recover from this injury

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What a topic my wife wanted me to write about! I know it can be an uncomfortable topic for some… but please stick with me as I share some of my thoughts and Scripture.
(Written by Michael Van Pelt)

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