Four Fantastic Fathers

I would like to declare that I have four amazing fathers!  They all love, protect, and provide for our families. They are strong, wise, and creative. All of my fathers are hard working men. They will get up at dawn and work until dusk if a job needs to get done. 

Dad #1
My first Dad held me from day one. He filled me with love and I rested in his strong arms. He prayed over me and helped lead me into what is True. 

He my is confidant. I was the type of pre-teen and teenager that would hold my thoughts in until I went to bed. If my parents wanted to hear how I was really doing, they had to wait until it was bedtime. My Dad would lie in bed with me and we’d share stories until I was ready to sleep. He worked right by the high school I attended. We walked home together for a couple of years when I first started. We’d come home and sit by the pond in our backyard and chat some more. He was an incredible listener. 

My Dad is also a prayer warrior. I know that if I ever have something I need prayer for, I can depend on him to be dedicated to the task. There’s even been times when I’ve forgotten or given up praying about something, and he’ll remind me that he’s still praying. It’s humbling and wonderful. 

He’s always “in my court”. He is faithful to cheer me on and not be afraid to dream big with me. He always shares how proud he is of me in all that I try to do for the Lord. Yet, when I have made some pretty bad mistakes, he’s there waiting with forgiveness, a hug, and a listening ear. I am very grateful for that. 

It’s always a pleasure getting together with him and discussing life and Jesus. He’s got a passionate heart. I enjoy listening to stories from his past and the people he learns from now. 

He’s a pretty amazing gardener too. Our backyard was a little oasis in one of the houses I grew up in. We would sit back there for hours at night enjoying the work of his labour. Take a farmer off the farm and you’ll have an incredible gardener. I’ll phone him up and ask for tips about my lawn care. I’ve definitely got lots to learn. My yard is embarrassing compared to his, but he’s always ready to help us out.

Dad #2

Dad number two came along when he married my Mom. I have been very grateful for his leadership in our family. 

I know that I can come to him when I need advice. He is a great listener. He is wise and patient. He likes to watch me try to figure out a problem by myself first. He’s already weighed the variables. Then, when I need some help, he’s got the solution. 

I was trying to figure life out on my own when he came along. Being very perceptive, he noticed that I had always lived in my brother’s shadow. I wanted to be just like my brother and do all the things that he did. So, I never felt like I measured up because my brother was very talented. My Dad noticed this and signed me up for curling. It was a sport my brother hadn’t tried yet. My Dad knew that I liked things that were strategic, and it was a sport that didn’t require great physical strength. He wanted me to try to do something for myself and find something that I enjoyed doing just for me. 

I was so grateful for that. It started me on a course of finding out more about myself, what I liked, and what I wanted. 

He was my ice cream partner (when I could eat it). We would make killer sundaes, loaded to the brim with all sorts of toppings. We would hunker down on the couch and chow down while watching a movie, football, or having a good long heart-to-heart. 

My Dad is also silent strength. I’ve watched him endure some very difficult trials with grace. He’s private and chooses his support wisely. 

Dad #3

Dad number three came along when I married Michael. He has worked long and hard his whole life to keep our store going and our family provided for. 

Dad loves Jesus. He thoroughly enjoys discussing theological discoveries with us. His eyes light up every time we throw a theological idea or topic his way. 

He is a constant learner. When he’s home, you can often find him on his iPad, searching spiritual matters or learning how to do or make something on Youtube. He is innovative. Always coming up with new ideas to make things work. 

If you need a part for something, Dad’s probably got it. Just the other day, I called “Van Pelt’s Basement Depot” and asked for a couple paint rollers since the stores were already closed. Sure enough, he had a couple kicking around. That’s a pretty basic item, but it’s impressive when he comes up with an obscure widget that would only be good for one type of thingamabob around the house. 

He always enjoys time with family. He likes to engage with his kids and grandkids. Any chance he gets, he’ll be connecting with his brothers and sisters, us kids, the grandkids, etc. He loves teaching others what he’s learned over the years or skills he’s picked up. He gets that certain smile on his face when he sees that you’ve figured it out too. 

Dad #4

I can’t spend Father’s Day without talking about my Heavenly Father. He created me and planned my days before they were numbered. He has consistently walked me through every high and low of life. 

He has been my greatest listener, protector, and advocate. He is patient and gentle. 

My Dad is always ready for a good laugh. I have had lots of fun with Him. He’s also left me frustrated, shaking my head at some of the things He’s done, yet I can’t help but laugh along with Him. 

I think one of my favourite things is when He whispers words of love to me. There are moments when He takes me on a little walk, or we sit down together, and He’ll share something amazing with me. It sticks with me for life. 

He is my constant, steady, dependence. I know that no matter what I’m facing in life, He’s right there waiting to listen and give wisdom to help me navigate through it. 

He thoroughly enjoys celebrating life’s blessings with me. He cries with me in the deep pain. 

He is extremely generous. There have been moments in life when He’s left my jaw dropped in awe of His generosity. He’s given me three of the greatest gifts I could ever ask for: Jesus, the Bible, and Michael.

He is my Love and confidant. The secure foundation that I place my life upon.

I am so very grateful for each of my fathers and for all the times they have taken to listen and invest into my life. They are each a treasure to me. 

Now, to my husband. A man whose heart aches to be a father. I pray for you my love, that our Father will someday fulfill that void in your heart. I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that you will make an incredible dad. You are patient, loving, compassionate, generous, a great listener, and teacher. I see so many qualities of our fathers within you. You have taken in their wisdom and watched their ways. 

I watch as you serve and guide the men in your life. I see the excitement you get when someone understands what you are teaching them. I see the love and want in your eyes when a father balances his son on his shoulders, or nestles his baby daughter in his arms. 

If the Lord so leads us to have children, I will be most honoured to parent them with you. I trust your leadership and hope to see you live your dream out someday. 

In the meantime, I pray for you and all the other men out there who deeply desire children of their own. I pray protection on your hearts this Sunday and joy within your souls. I pray blessings upon our fathers and those wanting to be someday. So I leave you with this,

“The Lord bless you and keep you;
the Lord make his face to shine upon you and be gracious to you;
the Lord lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace.” Numbers 6:24-26

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