Praise for those Who’ve Had a Miracle

Dear Father,

Thank You for life and breath. Thank You for Your perfect creation. You are the Alpha and Omega. You are Life itself.

Though there are many hearts weary from the battle of infertility, there are also many that have seen miracles take place. We come before You today to honour and praise You for the blessings of life that You’ve given families that have fought the infertility battle. Thank You for blessing their aching hearts with children.

Whether they struggled for two years or twenty, Your hand of grace and provision was written in their stories. May these families always treasure the miracles that You’ve given them.

Father, You know better than anyone the difficulties that come with parenting. Each life has their own personalities, desires, and sins. Lord, I pray that You would protect and direct all parents. Please give them wisdom and discernment, love and respect to raise their children in the ways of You. May their children know You personally and never depart from You (Proverbs 22:6).

Jesus, You are “the Way, the Truth, and the Life” (John 14:6). You came to earth, showed people the way to life, suffered many things, and then died on our behalf. You conquered death and defeated the grave. You rose again so that we can have the hope of eternal life with You. You sacrificed, served, and set the example for us in how we should live our lives. May we live that out to our children and the families around us.

Lord, parents need Your grace and love to lead their children through the mess of this world. It is easy to get hardened hearts in the frustrations of sin. But I ask that You would keep our hearts softened towards You so that we may love as You call us to love.

Father, I ask for peace for those who are waiting to know Your direction for a family. I ask that they would still be able to love and serve families around them. I pray that we would not become self-focused as we wait and navigate this difficult road with You. May we honour You in our vulnerability and allow You to be our strength and love for others.

Thank You that we can rely on You for all that we need. You take care of us in abundant ways. You understand our hearts, our needs, our desires. Lord, I ask that You would help us to tune our ears, eyes, and hearts to You to know what Your will is for us today and every day.

May we as Your children, whether fertile or not, surrender our days to You. May we walk in Your counsel and Your love. May we live each day as You desire and love others as Christ loves us.

We all have our battles to face, but we look to You to fight them for us. Thank You that we can and that You do.

In the Sovereign name of Jesus,


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