The Life of Me

Have you ever run into a steel door, ripped your pants at work, got stuck in between stair railings, or avoided chores by bribery?

Life can kick you in the butt, it can make you laugh, and it can make you feel “warm and fuzzy” inside. Life can be an adventure but it can also be grueling. It can take you far and it can stop you dead in your tracks. That’s the beauty of it. It is never boring.

My name is Rachel, which means female sheep. I am a red-headed, strong-willed, stubborn female sheep. I can hold my ground whether I’m wrong or right if I feel passionate about something. Unfortunately, as you will see, I typically need to figure things out on my own first before I apply good principles that others have already figured out. However, through this personality, I have also overcome a lot! See, there are always silver-linings in life! Even though I’m four generations removed, I still have that Irish blood flowing through my veins.  I can be as fiery and as feisty as they come. Mind you, I have had many years of refinement, though it still creeps up from time to time. If I get embarrassed, I turn as red as a tomato. If I am angry, I steam up like a tea kettle. If I am upset, I cry, and then I cry harder for crying in the first place! I love to laugh and to sing worship songs at the top of my lungs (when my head will tolerate it).  I love to go on adventures.

As I was planning my blog, my brother recommended that I add a page that talks about the embarrassing, random, and hard stories of my life. I thought this was a great idea because I want to be as real and authentic as I can be with you. I am not afraid to hide my life and all its craziness. I do have boundaries and think it is important not to air ‘all my dirty laundry’ (which we all have). At the same time, I realize that it is through others’ stories that we get inspired and encouraged. It is through others that we feel motivated and reminded that we are not alone. It is also through this that we can realize that no one is perfect! Each life is messy, but it’s the perspectives we choose that can make it beautiful. I like the story about God designing a tapestry of our lives. We only see the messy threads intermingled in knots and loose ends in the back, but God is viewing the masterpiece coming together in the front. Usually other people can see the good in you more than you can in yourself.

So, will you join me on this new adventure? Will you tune in to hear the crazy happenings of my life? To laugh with me, to get embarrassed with me, and to cry with me? …Okay, so you don’t have to cry…Either way, I hope you will enjoy the stories and be able to apply the little nuggets I share to your life as well…Unless you are the kind that needs to figure it out for yourself first as well…then good luck!

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