Easter Fun

What did you do for Easter as a child? Were there certain traditions your family took part in?

I’ve always loved Easter. It’s my favourite holiday of the year. It’s so exciting, reflective, and beautiful. I loved that we could proudly celebrate the hope that Jesus has given us.

As a kid, I also enjoyed all the enjoyment that came with it as well. We didn’t believe in the Easter Bunny, but we had fun with the games of it nonetheless. My brother’s and my bedrooms were always across the hall from each other and on a different floor than my parent’s bedroom. I don’t remember how things went as a really little girl, but I do remember at one point my parents leaving a bell outside our bedroom doors. When we woke up, we had to ring the bell to let them know we were ready. Thankfully for my parents, both my brother and I liked sleeping in so they didn’t have to worry about us rising too early.

We’d ring the bell, wait for them to appear, and then grab the baskets that were sitting beside the bell. Then it was “go time”. My brother and I would race around the house and try to find as many Easter eggs as possible. We had the plastic shelled ones that you could put something inside of. The odd foil-wrapped chocolate egg would be hidden as well. My parents would let us know when we had found them all (if they could remember).

Then, we’d bring them to the table and count how many we each had. We weren’t all about being fair. Whatever you found is what you got. We enjoyed the competition. We’d open the eggs to see what was inside. Some would have a chocolate loonie (in memory of my Papa). Some would have sticks of gum, others jelly beans.

We’d then move to the family room where there would be a few presents for us on the couches. One present would include a fancy outfit for us to wear to church that day. The rest would be candy and a few fun things.

Then we’d share breakfast together. It would be different depending on the year. Sometimes it would be bunny-shaped pancakes. At times we would request sticky-buns like we’d have at Christmas. Other times Mom would make a special egg casserole. We thoroughly enjoyed breakfast in our household, so whatever it was, was sure to be a feast. All included eggs and bacon too!

We’d finish cleaning up, get on our fancy new outfits, and my Mom would do my hair all pretty like. Then we’d head off to church together. We’d sing our hearts out as we took that extra time to focus on the words of the songs and listen intently to the sermon as the pastor talked about the power of Jesus’ resurrection, and the great assurance we had in what He did for us. I always loved the fact that an invitation was given at the end for anyone who might have come to the service that didn’t know Jesus. It was all such a powerful experience.

The rest of the day would be spent with family, playing games, and having fun together. My Mom used to like getting creative with food around holidays. We’d have bunny-shaped bread with veggies surrounding it and dip in the belly of the bunny. We’d have spinach dip with pumpernickel bread, a ham, some birds nest chocolate desserts with chocolate mini-eggs in the middle and some delicious pies. There’d always be a chocolate bunny on the table for afterwards as well.

As I grew up, my other mom would do the same. She’d decorate the table all festive, have everything matching, and then little goodie bags of treats for each person. Dad would think about what everyone liked and tried to pick candies based on that, while enjoying some Himself while packaging them.

Easter always felt special. It was a holiday I could really treasure. One that would make me think beyond the fun of traditions and festivities to the reason I exist and have life. It refuels me for the year and propels me into deeper purpose. To remember that it isn’t about me, but about the Saviour who rescued me.

How about you? Do you enjoy Easter? Are you do anything special for it this year? What are some memories you enjoyed growing up? Did you get a new fancy outfit to wear to church? Did you go to church? What does Easter mean to you?

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