One Blind Date Continued

Michael, Declan, and I walked the park for about an hour or so. The conversation never seemed to run dry. We flowed from one topic to the next. Well, that was until he asked me if I would find it awkward to walk the next five kilometers and not say anything to each other? I had to laugh and ask if that was the plan for the rest of the walk. He assured me it wasn’t. I’ve learned since that Michael takes delight asking random awkward questions.

 We began digging deep into who we were and what we wanted in life. We were both serious about the Lord, upfront about it, and were not willing to compromise. Again, instead of deterring from one another, this attracted us more to each other. We pretty much laid the guidelines out during this time and said if we were interested in a relationship, this was a non-negotiable. It was refreshing to hear from him, especially because I could tell it was genuine, not just because it was something I wanted.

We were reaching the end of the walk. He asked me what I had planned the rest of the day. I told him that I wanted to stop by the hospital in London to visit my friend’s niece. She had recently been diagnosed with an aggressive form of Leukemia. I wanted to make sure she was doing okay. Desperate to not end too soon, Michael asked if he could come with me.

I had thoroughly enjoyed our time together, but I didn’t know what to do with this question. My friend’s family was like family to me. I had never brought a man “home” to them. They were in a tragic situation. Now wasn’t the time to make things even harder or awkward on them. Ah! What should I do? I’m not exactly great with on the spot decisions outside of work.

I decided to take a chance. There was something about this guy that I really liked. I guess this situation would make or break it pretty quick. I told him yes, but I wanted to stop at the store to get the girl a few presents to keep her busy in the hospital. So, Michael and I dropped Declan off at home and headed off to shop.

I caught a glimpse of his generous heart that day. I was getting some girly things for her. Then he came with this big elephant for her to snuggle with. It was so soft. I offered to pay for it since it was my friend’s daughter and he didn’t even know them. But he refused to let me. This one was going to be from him. I thought it was endearing.

I phoned my friend to make sure she was okay with us coming. She was understandably apprehensive and shocked that I was asking, but agreed to it.

Again, I was amazed at how Michael handled the situation. He chatted with the family, the mother, father, my friend and husband, and the grandparents were all there. Michael made his rounds, making everyone feel comfortable, and brought a smile to each of their faces. The biggest smile was from Aubri when she saw the gifts and elephant. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. What could have been extremely awkward turned out to be beautiful.

I was nervous walking in the parking garage after as something had happened to me when I was younger in one. I mentioned it to Michael. I watched him go into protective mode and keep a little closer to me as we returned to his car after the visit. He was tender and kind, and didn’t make fun of me for it.

We were lost in conversation once again as we drove back to town. I thought he was dropping me off at my aunt’s house. I realized after we passed it that he wouldn’t have known where they lived. No, we were heading somewhere else again. Where on earth are we going now?

I had mentioned in one of our many conversations that day that I enjoyed the water and the beach. The next thing I knew, he had brought us to Port Stanley, a beautiful, quaint little village on Lake Erie. It had a wonderful sandy beach. We strolled up and down it, talking about our families and life some more.

When we finished there about an hour later, he finally drove me back to my aunt and uncle’s home. What was supposed to be a lunch date turned out to be a six-hour blind date. It was a dreamy time together. He let me see so much of his personality and character that day. He laid himself out, just as he does with everyone. I saw evidence of his love for Jesus, his generosity, tenderness, protectiveness, compassion, and grace.

We were about to say our good-byes when it got awkward. He didn’t want to go. I had to get going, but felt it was weird to say good-bye. Finally, he asked if he could give me a hug. In relief, I said yes. We hugged each other and then headed our separate ways.

We both had to work the next day. I received a phone call from him that night. He had talked with his friend after he left me on Sunday night, as well as his parents. He shared again that he wasn’t into a flaky, feel things out relationship. He wanted to be serious and intentional about a relationship leading towards marriage. He loved that I also had a passionate love for the Lord and asked if he could pursue me. I said yes. After a bit more conversation, we hung up.

With butterflies in my stomach and slight confusion, I ran upstairs to my parents. I mentioned about the call and asked them, “if someone asks to pursue you, does that mean that you’re dating”? I figured that’s what it meant, but didn’t want to sound naïve to Michael when he asked. They laughed and said, “yes, that’s what it means”. I gleefully announced that Michael and I were officially dating and ran back downstairs. Things just got official folks!

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