Michael’s Birthday Surprise

First of all, I’d like to thank each of you that commented and wished him a happy birthday last week. He saw all of your notes and was grateful for your blessings and birthday wishes. 

The few days leading up to his special day was a bit of a comedy. I called our local hardware store on Tuesday morning and tried to explain what supplies I needed. They phoned me back that afternoon around 4:00 p.m. that the order was ready for pick up. 

I got the order and returned home. Then this weakling decided to unload nine cement blocks, three bags of gravel, and a sheet of plywood by myself and hide them in the backyard. Michael text me that he was on his way home when I had three cement blocks left to unload. He only works five minutes away! I switched it into high gear and quickly unloaded the last blocks. I ran in the house, hung up my coat, and started making his afternoon snack. 

I was really hot. I figured he’d noticed, but the only thing he mentioned is that my lips were cold. Phew! I just told him I had to run a little errand. Yikes. That was close. 

Then I had to go the next day to pick some stuff up from our local garden centre. (Both errands were done contactless.) I quickly dropped the goods off at his parents and hid my surprises in their shed. 

I got home and started on our lunch. Michael text me five minutes after I walked in the door and asked that I bring lunch to the store since he was tied up. Phew! Dodged another one. At least I could use the excuse that my cheeks were cold from driving lunch to him that day.

My body was so sore on Wednesday that Michael had to give my back and shoulders a massage.  I almost complained about my legs hurting walking up the stairs but caught myself in time. I could get away with my back hurting as that’s pretty normal for me, but not my legs.

Okay, we’ve arrived to his actual birthday. So far, he hadn’t found the stuff I had put in the backyard. He headed off to work and I text our friend that the coast was clear. He was parked on the next street over waiting for the go ahead. 

Our friend arrived and he and I got straight to work digging. Again, the weakling that I am, I was so grateful for some help. We were digging away when I realized that Michael was supposed to come home for lunch that day. I thought I’d convince him to sit in the living room for lunch, but then I got the idea to take him to the park. 

Our friend had to head home to do some work for a bit. I took a rest break, then changed out of my dirty clothes. I noticed that I had a missed call from my Mom. She said that she and Dad J. were coming to drop a present off for Michael. 

I phoned her back and told them to meet us at the park. I packed Michael and I a lunch, and called Michael to say that I would pick him up for a little date. 

Everything worked out. He and I enjoyed a nice relaxing lunch in our car at the park. Then my parents arrived to surprise him with a gift. Keith Dodds, she indeed did give Michael a mask and pair of latex gloves! We all sat in our respective cars and had a nice visit. 

He sure loves his glass bottle coke!

I drove Michael back to work and said he couldn’t come home yet. Such a cruel wife to make him work extra on his birthday. 

I raced home to find our friend working away again. He mentioned that he and his fiancée would return around 5:30p.m. with a little gift for Michael. I told him it wasn’t necessary since what he was helping me with was a gift in itself, but he insisted. 

We finished it all up. I cleaned up and called Michael that he could home. Which apparently, he had text me that very minute asking if it was okay. Timing was perfect!

I was standing on our deck when he arrived. I told him to close his eyes and wait on the driveway before coming in the house. I led him to the backyard, ran to the present and then told him to open his eyes…

It was a fire pit! Michael has talked about wanting one for a few years now. He had been researching ways to build one, how to vent it, and what supplies he would need. Meanwhile, I sat next to him taking mental notes and asking him questions the whole time. I had it planned for a couple of weeks, but got in a bit of a tizzy the week before. I thought for sure he was going to start building one that weekend or one of the nights before his birthday. Thankfully, I found ways to keep him occupied. 

I waited a bit to take him to the next present. We hopped in the van around 4:30p.m. and I drove him over to his parents to pick up our…veggies! Okay, you’re all probably thinking that these presents are slightly lame. However, the workout equipment he wanted was either above our budget or sold out. So, I had to go to plan B, which turned out to be a success. 

We got home around 5:00p.m. Enough time for Michael to walk Declan before our friends arrived, which he still didn’t know about. 

He came back within minutes of them arriving. Little did I know that the surprise they had talked about was for both of us!

If you haven’t heard what they did yet, read my “Testimony of Praise” post. If you don’t have much time, scroll to the bottom. It’s worth the read. 

Anyways, another successful birthday surprise accomplished! I wonder what next year will hold…hmm…

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