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Episode 8 – Surprise Gifts Given During Tragedy

Brad and his sister Marcia were close as kids. As they grew older, God led each of them into Christian service. This meant they lived far from one another and led busy lives which made it difficult to stay connected. Despite this, every time they were together, they were able to pick up where they left off. In the midst of raising four adopted children and supporting her husband in pastoral ministry, Marcia was diagnosed with cancer. The following years were deeply painful and tragic as Marcia fought to live but ultimately lost the battle to cancer. 

In this episode, Marcia’s brother Brad shares about his family’s journey to Marcia’s funeral and how God’s provisions along the way provided not only evidence of His goodness in an hour of darkness, but hope as he continued to process a complicated grief afterwards. 

Are you on a journey with tragedy and grief that feels complicated? Do you struggle to reconcile the truths of who you believe God to be with your life’s experience? As you listen to this episode, consider what evidence of God’s goodness He has provided in your life which has carried you through your own sorrows. 

We love to hear stories of how God has worked in people’s lives. Do you have a story that you feel will inspire others toward hope? Let us know at [email protected].

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