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Episode 5 – Victory Over Darkness

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How exciting! You’ve just had a baby! You should be thrilled right? Reality is, many women struggle with hormonal imbalances and exhaustion after a baby is born. When other situations life situations hit, it can be way more overwhelming than normal. What do you do when you should be enjoying this stage of life but it’s a challenge to get out of bed and face another day?

The enemy tries to create a stronghold of shame around the idea of post-partum depression. He is a joy stealer. However, by the power of God’s word, His community, and the right support, you can overcome it and find peace and joy again. 

Bethany blesses us with her story of staying committed to Christ in spite of the weight that post-partum held on her. She shared with others in her time of need, was courageous in seeking help, and is now a light and gift to many others as she coaches people in how to have a God-honouring, disciplined, and healthy life. 

We love to hear stories of how God has worked in people’s lives. Do you have a story that you feel will inspire others toward hope? Let us know at [email protected].

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