Attitude of Gratitude – Praise for Our Own Adoption

Dear Adonai, 

We come before You grateful for the people that You’ve brought into our lives to walk this journey with. To be honest with You, it’s been a really hard journey. No one can tell us what we should do. No one’s story is like ours. Yet, You don’t leave us on our own. Though people will never fully understand, we can experience Your love and comfort by their tender words, hugs, and compassion towards us. We are very grateful for that.

Thank You that You encourage community through the body of Christ. We can all be strengthened and lifted up in prayer and support by our unique giftings. Thank You that when others are blessed with children, there’s a host of people that can help love and raise the kids through You. Thank You that when infertility is our plight, there’s a community that will love, support, and accept us just the way we are. 

Lord, You have the very best for us planned and written out. We can be assured that we will leave a legacy, whether it be to our own family or the family of Christ that we are privileged to be a part of. 

Thank You so much Abba for adopting people into Your family. Thank You that I am adopted. I am unworthy, and still You call me Your child. You place me as a co-heir with Your treasured Son Jesus. That is the greatest gift I could ever be given.

Not only am I adopted. Not only am I treasured like Your Son Jesus. I am also “endowed with splendor” (Isaiah 55:5 NIV). I have been given the Holy Spirit as a down payment of a massive inheritance (Eph 1:13-14). There is so much I have to look forward to when this earthly life is complete. What joy fills my heart in reflection of what Your word shares about Your kingdom that awaits. I am excited to think that I’ll be living in “My Father’s House” (John 14:2). 

Father, I ask that You give my brothers, sisters, and I this mindset when the battle becomes wearisome. Help us to look forward to all that is to come in our eternity with You, rather than be overwhelmed by the weight of this situation. Help us to come each day with open hands and receive what You have for us. Our future is in Your capable hands.

You are our strength and Deliverer. You are Jehovah Rapha, the Lord who Heals. Come and heal us. Make us new. Fill us with Your Spirit, and put a song in our hearts to worship You with all the days of our lives. Give us eyes to see where You are healing and working. Help us to glorify Your name and rejoice with all the little and big things You are doing. May we have the courage and boldness to share with others Your goodness and the testimonies that You are writing on our hearts and lives. 

Thank You that we’ve all woken up today. Thank You that we breathe Your breath of life and that we have another day to leave an impact for You. 

You are our Master, our Maker, our dear Abba. We give You thanks and praise, as only You are worthy of.  

We are privileged to pray this in the name of Jesus, 


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