A Tribute to My Husband

What is it that you love about your spouse? What keeps you going in the hard times? When your anniversary approaches, do you get excited, reminiscing about all the great times you’ve had together, or, do you wince at thinking you almost forgot and panic about what you’re going to get him or her?

My husband and I met on a blind date. We had both come out of difficult relationships and were waiting on God to see what was next. My aunt went to the same church as Michael and decided that she would ask us if we would be interested in meeting each other. I figured it wouldn’t hurt. At least I would get a free dinner and movie out of it if it didn’t work.

The week after we met

The day arrived and I was so nervous. I met him at my aunt’s church. I was sitting, ‘reading’ through the bulletin to look busy when Michael walked up. He introduced himself and told me that he changed four times that morning and that he bought a new belt for the occasion. It made me laugh as I confessed that I had brought a few outfits to choose from that morning. People were coming to sit down as the service was about to begin. Michael pointed out that a bunch of people were staring in our direction. He then mentioned that the entire row of people were all his family. I quickly got up, shook everyone’s hands, and retreated back to the safe zone of my seat.

Lunch plans extended into a six-hour date! We instantly connected and were willing to share a lot about ourselves. We were both in the frame of mind that we knew what we wanted in a spouse, we were deeply passionate about Jesus, and we weren’t willing to compromise. If we were going to date, it was going to be for marriage.

Michael called me up the next day, and being the old-fashioned soul that he is, asked if he could pursue me. I said yes! I hung up the phone after we finished and immediately ran up the stairs to tell my parents. I asked, “So, if someone asks you if they can pursue you, and you say yes, does that mean that you’re dating?” My parents laughed and confirmed that’s what it meant.

I had told my mom earlier that year that if I met someone, I was not going to tell them my story until we were engaged. I was ashamed of it and felt like the person might bail once they realized what my past was like. With Michael being the sweet, gentle-spirit that he is, I couldn’t keep it from him. Two weeks into dating, I stood before him sobbing and confessing my story. I thought he would be hurt. I thought he would be angry. Instead, he showed me God’s grace and love. He wrapped me up in a big hug and prayed over me. It was in that moment that that I knew he was the one for me. Five months later, I walked down the aisle and became his wife for the rest of my life! It still gives me butterflies in my belly thinking about that.

Fast forward a couple of years. I had just had my concussion accident. I couldn’t shower on my own. It took every ounce of energy for me to get in and out of the tub. Michael would humbly bathe me, even shaving my legs for me. He would do my hair, read and reply to all of my texts and emails. He made the meals, cleaned the house, worked full-time, walked the dog, and took care of me day in and day out. He didn’t complain. He patiently loved and served me every single long hard day. It was this accident that helped me to totally and completely see the amazing value that is in my husband.

I am your typical woman. I think and act quickly. I am emotional. I have my highs and lows. I get excited and I get upset. Michael is my calm presence and my wise counsel. He is the one that will slow things down, talk things out, and seek wise counsel when needed. He keeps me accountable, prays with me, and reminds me that things will get better. I am the kind of person that bottles up the things that are bothering me. When we first got married, I often didn’t actually know what was bugging me until I could have time to talk things out and process it. Michael learned early on that if he could get me to go on a car ride, I would start talking…and venting…and sharing all of the deepest things on my heart. We would drive around for an hour or two sometimes just so we could have the deep conversations that were needed. He wanted to know me, to know what was on my heart, to connect. He knew the importance of good communication and I am so grateful for that.

Michael is very generous. He would give the shirt off his back if someone needed it. He thrives on helping others. This was a challenge for me at the beginning. We worked hard for our money. There were always things we needed. But Michael’s heart would stir and the next thing I knew, we were giving our furniture, clothes, or money away. Yet, I have come to love this about him. He’s taught me the beauty and importance of being generous. He’s helped me to see and love people more because of it. He’s taught me the lesson of not putting value into things but into relationships.

Michael is loyal. His family, friends, and I all know that we can count on him to be by our side when needed, to help in any circumstance, for anything. I cherish this about him. I found that his constant loyalty brought great peace to me. I knew that I am safe with him; that he will stick by me through thick and thin.

He is an old-fashioned soul. He uses old and big words and I have no idea what he’s talking about, just because he loves to learn. He still opens the door for me when we go out on dates and most times that we go somewhere. He makes or buys things that he knows will bring a smile to my face. He still makes me breakfast in bed some Saturday mornings. He reads to me when my brain is too tired to do it myself. He genuinely cares and thinks of thoughtful things like leaving me notes when he’s away.

I am privileged and honoured to be his wife. As our anniversary approaches, I am filled with wonderful memories and appreciation of his love for me. He stands beside me and cheers me on throughout all circumstances of life. He’s my greatest love, advisor, and friend. I cherish the man that he is to me. He’s human, we have our struggles like everyone else, but he’s always willing to talk it through and work it out together. We are a team. I look forward to the next year together and all that God has in store for us.

I hope that this tribute to my husband inspires you in your marriage as well. Marriage takes a lot of work and can be grueling at times. No marriage is perfect, but there is value in loving and supporting your spouse. I see the importance of encouraging him to be his best, and for cheering him on and loving him at his worst. So, I challenge you to think, what are some things that you adore and appreciate about your spouse? Share it with us. Share it with him or her today.

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