Remembrance Day

When I think of Remembrance Day, there are a list of emotions that fill this time:

Thankfulness – I am thankful to every man and woman that has served our country well. They’ve given up so much and sometimes at the highest price, in order for us to be safe and have all the privileges that we do.

Sacrifice – Potentially millions of men and women have served in the Canadian forces over the years of our military. As we gather around cenotaphs and other memorials on this day, we are reminded of the countless lives that have been lost in battle. On top of the people who’ve died fighting, there are even more who were deeply wounded physically and mentally. No one can go to war without sacrificing part of themselves. They see things that they wished they never would have. Things that change a person and that they’ll carry the rest of their lives.

Freedom – We live in a democratic, voting, free country. We can serve our God in churches, gather together in homes, work where we desire, have a voice, and live as we like. The people have a say. Much of that is because of the work the soldiers did in the world-wars and continue to do on our behalf. They took pride in our country and were willing to risk their lives to keep it that way. We are still safe because of this.

Grief – No one can understand what the military face unless he/she has experienced it first hand. However, the wives/husbands, families, and even close friends of soldiers know a great piece of it because they feel it too. They deal with the long hard deployments, never knowing whether their soldier will make it home or not. They have countless sleepless nights either thinking about and praying for them or video-chatting with their soldier who’s typically many time zones away. They have to also work through the loss and struggle of disabled veterans, getting the help they need from lost limbs, brain injuries, PTSD, etc.

Pride – I know some people struggle with this one at the moment. Many have felt divided and ashamed the last couple of years. But I ask you to set that aside today. We still live in a beautiful country. We aren’t at war with other nations. We have shelters/homes to live in, food readily available, and safety. We have so many social systems to help with our various needs. They may take time, but we have them regardless. We have great wealth compared to many other countries, and the ability to explore this vast and incredible land. People have served us so that we can have the privileges we do. Let’s show them our support today.

Faith – Christians have the added comfort, grace, and gratitude to realize that every victory won is by the Lord alone. It is He that fights our battles. He goes before us and protects us. He is the One that has given us the privileges, rights, and freedoms that we have today. He could take it away in an instant, but by His amazing grace, He hasn’t done that yet. The Bible and our churches are readily available. We are still free to express and practice our faith. We can declare the name of Jesus without fear of great persecution.


We thank You for Canada and this land we can call home. Thank You for Your protection and Your victory to live freely here. Thank You for all the men and women that have served in our military and sacrificed so much so we can have all that we do. Thank You for Your compassion and care on us all. Thank You for the rights, privileges, and freedoms we can rejoice about. Thank You greatly that we can easily live for You, attend church, read our Bibles in peace, and share Your truth with this lost world. Thank You for all that we have.

Lord, we also want to thank You for all the families that support these soldiers. They have sacrificed so much as well. We pray a special blessing today on every soldier and their families. Bring peace, comfort, and support to them. Fill them with a community that loves them and helps with their various needs. We pray for healing for PTSD, the wounds of war, and the struggles it has caused in relationships. Restore what has been broken and taken from these families Father.

We love You and give You thanks and praise on this day. May we never forget the sacrifice these people have made for us, and ultimately the sacrifice YOU made so that we can be eternally free.

In the strong name of Jesus, we pray.

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