The Powerhouses of Brain Repair

What do fish, coconuts, and the sun all have in common?

You’re thinking of a beautiful Caribbean shore. You’re sitting on the sand, the sun beating down on you while drinking a pina colada. You go snorkeling and check out the facet of multi-coloured fish. 

Okay, come back to me. Though that would be lovely right about now, that’s not actually what I’m talking about. Since most of us don’t live there, we need to supplement all of those lovely things to feed our brains.

Yes, that’s right. I’m talking about supplements, specifically vitamins D, Omega 3, and MCT oil. These three things can help the function of your brain and bring some healing and relief. 

Before I begin, anything I share is what I have researched and been given by my doctor to help speed up my recovery. I am not a doctor and will not recommend doing any of this without one guiding you. 

Now for what I do know.

Although the bottle says to take one vitamin D a day (1000iu), this isn’t enough for you. If you’ve had a brain injury, it is normal to struggle with a lot of “lows” and depression. Unfortunately, with your brain as exhausted as it is, it needs a lot to get it going again. Your body is working double time to maintain basic functioning, let alone enjoy life. 

I don’t know about you, but being outside in the cold or heat can wipe me right out. I don’t handle humidity well. I also don’t handle bending over for a few minutes to pick weeds or garden. The mix of everything does me in. So, the supplements help when I can’t soak up enough vitamin D from outside. 

I thought it was crazy at first, but my doctor has me taking 7,000iu of vitamin D a day! This will vary for each person, but a safe number to start with is 4000iu. This will help to get your levels up and improve your mood. 

Some medications like Advil and anti-depressants only cover the surface of your blood stream and give temporary relief. Supplements, on the other hand, actually penetrate the blood stream to create greater long-term effect. 

Your brain is like a big ball of fat. It needs healthy fats to help repair the damage. MCT oil is an emulsified coconut oil. It provides you with energy and stamina. Spirulina is super-high in nutrients. It is a great anti-inflammatory and antioxidant agent. Pair these two along with Omega 3 and you’ve got yourself a powerhouse of healthy fats, energy, and healing. 

Someone recommended I take MCT, Omega, and spirulina at the beginning of my concussion. It made a drastic difference for me. I went from barely being able to take a shower to cleaning my house and going back to work. I didn’t realize it was that at the time, but looking back, it’s the only thing I did that made a big difference. 

Unfortunately, I have a super sensitive stomach. The look of the spirulina made me gag after a while (It’s a blue-green colour with a funny spell). I eventually grew an intolerance to coconut after eating way too much of it everyday. 

Spirulina powder

If you can stomach it, you only need one tablespoon of MCT oil, one scoop of spirulina, and a decent dosage of Omega three and you’re off to the races!

If you can’t stomach most supplements, the one that is most recommended to take post-injury is Omega three. Make sure that the DHA is high. A good bottle to get is 720 (480 EPA and 290 DHA). I take four of these a day. The DHA specifically helps in reconnecting the synapsis and nerves in your brain. It is also an anti-inflammatory. It is high in good fatty acids. All of these things allow your brain to heal. It can lift brain fog and bring back focus and concentration. 

Remember that supplements are not like medications. It is not fast acting. You will start to notice a difference but it may take time. Supplements, good nutrition, and therapy will get you on the road to managing life better. 

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