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Hope Found During Challenging Financial, Business, and Relational Situations

You’ve felt the yoyo effect of business and finances. For a time you were doing really well and making great gains, but the next thing you know, you’re handing the keys of your house and car over to the bank. How do you navigate the shame and embarrassment of perceived failure?

You were pursuing education for the job you’ve always dreamed of doing, but it wasn’t going as you had planned. Now, not only have you quit school, your wedding engagement is called off, and church and family relationships are struggling. How do you know what to do next?

Many of these scenarios are quite common. Either yourself or someone you know has/is working through them. Each of these causes you to test your faith. This was the case for Andrena Sawyer. Tune into today’s episode as she shares with Rachel how she learned to cling to God, surrender her plans, and instead, embrace the ones He had for her, along the surprises and blessings she experienced from Him because of it.

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