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Inspire Hope Podcast

A Simple Yet Powerful Generational Legacy for Christ

Do you wonder what impact you’re making on your children’s and/or grandchildren’s lives? Do you question whether your mentoring is really bringing value to those you’re discipling?

God most often uses you in your seasons of suffering to see where He’s working and how you can be an effective instrument for Him and His work. No matter where you’re at in life right now, find out the incredible opportunities God has for you, even when it seems impossible.

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Planted Warriors

Is Warrior in Training for Me?

Is this Bible study for you? There are many elements within this study to help you grow in your relationship with Jesus, Kingdom investment in spiritual disciplines, challenging yourself out of your comforts, discipleship, and building strong community.

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Inspire Hope Podcast

What is Spiritual Warfare

Do you know there’s a war taking place you cannot see, and that you’ve actually been a part of it?

Spiritual warfare is something a lot of us in North America fear talking about. We want to avoid the topic because if we’re ignorant about it, we can pretend it doesn’t exist, right?

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Calling Out Fear

Hypothetically speaking, let’s put our Hope Through Hard Times’ community together in a room. I’m going to ask you to raise your hand if you have a fear of finances.

How many do you think would do it? A few? Half of the room? The entire room?

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