Simple Reasons I Love My Husband

If you’re single, what is it that you’d want in a husband? Have you thought about it? Do you have a list in your head or written down somewhere that you pray about?

If you’re married, are the things you wanted in a husband before marriage still consistent now? What are things he does that you appreciate? What are the characteristics you love most about him? Are you still learning about him?

Since our anniversary just passed, I thought I’d take the opportunity to share a few simple reasons I love my husband.

Photo credit to Melissa Moore-Robson

We were on a shopping date last Saturday. It was a treat as this is something we haven’t done in quite a while. We explored our favourite stores and took our time.

I spotted a sweater that I liked. It was A V-neck, cream coloured, long sweater with a navy and yellow strip around the collar and bottom. I showed it to Michael and said that I didn’t know why, but I always liked that style. He immediately explained that it’s because it makes me think of an academy and therefore reminds me of the military, and that’s why I like it. He did that about something else in another store as well. He completely connected what I hadn’t realized in myself before. I loved him even more in that moment because it showed me how much he still studies me. He knows what I like and why. He pays attention to the details, even when I don’t.

Michael is one of the most patient people I know. I seem to have a knack of wanting to talk to him from another room while he’s trying to read his book. He’ll set the book down, listen to what I’m saying, reply, and then wait to see if I’m finished before picking it back up again. He never tells me that he’s reading or busy at the moment. He lovingly just waits, often multiple times, for me to finish my thoughts before he will start again.

He goes with the flow. My emotions can vary depending on how I’m feeling. I always try to be conscious of them and work through it, but sometimes they get the best of me and I’m irritable, emotional, or clingy to him. Michael will gauge where I’m at and either give me space, make me laugh, or wrap me in a hug and stick by my side. He’s selfless that way.

Michael also allows me to dream. He is great at listening when I come up with yet another idea for this ministry. He weighs the idea, helps me work it out, and then respectfully tells me it won’t work, or will embrace it and help me bring it to life. He’s always giving me opportunity to dream and create. He knows my heart’s intentions and does what he can to make it all possible for me.

He represents Christ to the church. He serves selflessly, taking care of every responsibility around the house when I’m not able. He gives me his time and attention. He always does what he can to help me when I’m not well. He listens and gives me wise counsel. He makes me feel special. And most importantly, he directs me to Jesus. He seeks the Lord daily and encourages me to do the same. He prays with me, shares what he’s learning in his time with Jesus, and guides us into the future.

I know that the Lord has given me a special and incredible gift in Michael. When everything else in life can seem crazy at times, I am thankful for the peace and love the Lord has given me in my husband.

In saying that though, it does take work. Michael has his weak points and so do I. We aren’t perfect and we’ve worked hard to fight for this marriage.

Joni Eareckson Tada shared that 90% of marriages dealing with disabilities ends in divorce. Add in the infertility and other stuff we’ve worked through, and we know it is by the grace and love of the Lord that has seen us through. We’ve made it our mission to seek Him first and put each other second. This creates a stronger bond.

I realize this isn’t the case for a lot of people. Know that I am praying for strength and the Lord’s wisdom for you today. Seek Him and pray for your husband if you are married. If you’re not married, don’t settle easily. Listen to the Lord and look for a man that loves and is devoted to Him. Let his actions prove it. It’ll be worth the wait. In the meantime, pour into Jesus, so you continue to grow too.

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