Prayer – For Those with Secondary Infertility

Dear Father, 

Thank You for the beautiful miracle You’ve already blessed this family with. Thank You for the giggles and joy that fill their home with their little one. He or she is a gift from You for which we are eternally grateful. 

We understand that each gift of life is a miracle and a story of Your power and glory. We thank You that You have called these couples to parent their child for You. You deserve the praise. 

Father, there is a deep grief within their hearts today though. They are extremely grateful for the child that You’ve blessed them with, but they really desire a brother or sister for their little one. They have a burden on their heart to continue to expand their family and yet they can’t conceive. 

People feel bad for those who have infertility and can find it hard to understand at times. I feel that people understand even less for those who have secondary infertility. It is a struggle most people cannot comprehend and normally don’t think to show compassion for. On one hand, they have a gift of a child and should be grateful. On the other, they don’t get why they could produce one and not more.

This can cause great pain and confusion for these couples and those in their community. Or worse, the couples go silent and live with the unnecessary conceived shame and grief all alone. 

Father, please bring compassion, comfort, and peace to these couples. They live with a hurt that only You can fully understand. You know the reasons for this infertility. I pray that You would show them the reason for it. Please don’t leave it in secret. Confirm to them whether they are to have more biological children. If so, where to go and what to do to find the help they need. If they are not to, please make it clear whether their desire for more comes from Your will for them to adopt or foster. If however, this desire has been stirred from their own hearts, grant them peace with the child they have. 

Lord, our world is hurting and in need of Your love. Children are suffering in so many ways. Father, I ask that You would use their child to reach out to the children in the community who need extra love and support. May their home become a place of refuge and peace to others. May these kids find it a place of laughter, joy, and safety. One where they can be discipled and shown who You are. 

I pray that their child would grow up in the love, admonition, and confidence only found in You. That he would love You with all his heart, soul, mind, and strength. May she be a testimony of Your greatness, not only as a child, but even more so as an adult. 

Father, help this family to live with great purpose and pursuit of You. Teach and show them Your will and Your way. Give them courage, patience, and peace to step into whatever You are calling them to. Help them to be united in this. 

Lord, may the awareness of the struggle for fertility gain a voice to the world. May people show compassion and respect to those hurting from this. May us, as brothers and sisters, find a united front in You. May we throw off the things that are not important to You and “run the race that is set before us”. 

You are from everlasting to everlasting. You are the Great I Am. We call on You asking these things, lifting these people up to You, and praising You for the work You are doing in their lives. 

In Jesus’ Mighty name we pray, 

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