Prayer – For Those Beginning

Dear Father,

Thank you for life. You create it and design it with such intricate detail. You care about each human soul and desire great things for us. You create us in Your image. You are not a God of fear, but of peace and a sound mind. You are all sovereign. You are the Miracle Worker, the Great Physician, and the Giver of Life.

Lord, I come before you on behalf of all of the couples starting out on this difficult journey. My heart aches for them. I know the fears they are feeling. I know the excitement they feel each month as they wait to see whether the test will turn out positive. I have felt the crash of emotions, the wave of grief hit when the negative shows. Month after month of the roller coaster ride of emotions and heartache, desperately holding on to whatever hope they can find.

Father, please come and be with them in these moments. Blanket them with Your peace. Fill them with unexplainable joy through this trial. Make clear to them each step of the way so that they’ll know what to do. Please send them to the right physicians that will show sympathy, give great support, and know what tests to pursue. Give them the right answers that You desire for them.

You know that these times can feel isolating. I thank You that You are with them through it all, but Lord, I ask that You would please bring a community around this couple that will offer understanding, comfort, a listening ear, and whatever specific support they need. Help the community to weep with them, to rejoice with them, to be real with them. Help them to only speak what You want, and not false hopes or words that hinder instead of help.

We can’t understand why some face it and some don’t, apart from the fact that we live in a sin-filled world. It is hard when You talk about fertility being a great blessing, a blessing that fills so much of Your Scripture and this world. Thank You for the stories in the Bible that share of the struggle in this area. Thank You that there is adoption, that there is community that we can come together with and bless others by. Thank You that You do still perform miracles and offer new life.

Father, whatever You desire for this couple, whether it be life through their bodies, life given from someone else, or blessing other children around them, I pray for wisdom, healing, strength, and peace in all areas. I pray for protection and unity in their marriage. Do not let this adversity break the bond they made together and with You. May You lead them to find the counsel and support they need to be strengthened instead of being torn apart.

You are enough. You are all-powerful, all-loving, and all-gracious. Most of all Lord, keep them vulnerable and close to You. Help them to worship You in spite of the pain. Open the eyes of their hearts so they can see where and how You’re working in order to hold onto hope and stay close to You.

Thank You that You listen intently and hear all of our prayers. Thank You that You “are near to the brokenhearted;” that You “save those crushed in spirit” (Psalm 34:18).

We look to You in this time.

In Jesus’ holy name,


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