Prayer – For the Medical Staff

Dear Lord,

Thank You for the places that we live. Thank You for the medical care that we have access to. We are grateful for the advanced knowledge and technology that the medical staff have to help people struggling with infertility.

You are wisdom and understanding. You are clarity and truth. You see the things that are hidden from human eye and understanding. You give the wisdom and knowledge people need to do their careers well. It is all because of You that anyone is able to have children. It is through Your power, creativity, and authority that little beings are brought into existence.

Father, I pray for every medical staff that is working with each infertile couple represented here. I pray that You would speak through them. Let these couples feel Your comfort. Let them hear Your words being spoken through the staff. May these couples walk out of each appointment filled with Your peace, knowing that You’re in full control. You know what You’re doing, and what the medical staff are doing.

Lord, I pray Your wisdom, discernment, and understanding on the medical teams as they try to figure out the various issues that could be causing the infertility. I pray that You would guide their hands in the tests that they perform. I pray Your eyes to see the results of the tests and the knowledge to know how to proceed.

I pray that these professionals would witness signs, wonders, and miracles in all of the couples represented here. May Your glory shine brightly and may these couples share the testimonies of Your work in them. May they have the boldness and courage to speak Truth and to testify where the miracles are coming from. I pray that each medical person associated with these stories will be amazed and left searching for the Real Reason.

God, I pray Your tenderness in these medical rooms. I pray that the staff would be loving and gracious in their words. I pray for incredible “bed side” attitudes and support. This is such a vulnerable subject. May the staff be true to their words, provide abundant research and care, and find the answers that You desire for these couples.

Lord, I thank You that they are all in Your hands. None of these stories are lost on You. None of them are hidden from Your sight. You are with every single couple that walks into an infertility clinic. You are with them throughout the entire process. Thank You for Your care, compassion, and comfort. We need You through each step.

Please help the couples and the staff work together in a God-honouring way, not giving up until they are at peace with the answer You provide. May they not leave with crushed spirits, but knowing that You have something great planned for them.

Thank You for the inventors that have created the ultrasounds, blood analysis, and biopsy procedures in order to explore the inner-workings of the body. To analyze the data and understand what the body is doing and why. Thank You for all the researchers that know how to explore this information and find solutions that work.

We know that all of this is ultimately in Your powerful and mighty hands. All these people work together as You desire. Sometimes it doesn’t make sense to us, but I thank You that we can trust in Your counsel and authority. Thank You that it is all for Your glory and for our good.

We praise and pray this in Jesus’ mighty name,


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