Can You Be Thankful for Infertility?

Many of us just celebrated Thanksgiving with family and friends. We’ve reminisced over great memories of past holidays. We’ve enjoyed the turkey and treats and shared all the common things we’re thankful for. But I’m wondering if any of you said you were thankful for your infertility?

I know that sounds outlandish to say. How could you ever be thankful for such a thing?

It may not be that you’re thankful for the infertility itself, but I’m guessing that you can find at least a few things to give thanks about. I see so many friends exhausted trying to manage their work, household, marriages, and little ones. I see older parents worried about their children as they ‘leave the nest’ and forge their own paths through life. Though each child is a precious gift to them, watching their children grow comes with a lot of exhaustion, worry, and relentless demands.

In light of that, here’s a list of things you can be thankful for today:

  • I am thankful that I can get a good/full night of sleep
  • I am thankful that I only have my spouse and my schedule to think about making me more available for others
  • I’m thankful for the quiet house to be able to spend time with Jesus uninterrupted
  • I am thankful that I can have fun with other people’s children without having to worry about disciplining them when they do wrong
  • I’m thankful for the time I have to save for children if God does have them planned for my future
  • I’m thankful that I have more time to listen to others and help where I can; to have more time to devout towards ministry
  • I’m thankful for my pet(s) that love me unconditionally and still bring playful noise in our home
  • I’m thankful for the other children in my life that I can be a safe space and sounding board for them when they need someone other than their parents to talk to
  • I am thankful that I don’t have to wash smeared poop off the walls
  • I’m thankful that I can serve families in creative ways because I’m not burnt out trying to handle everyone/everything else
  • I’m thankful for the opportunity I’ve had to learn more about my spouse throughout this process and grow closer together
  • I’m thankful to the Lord for giving me strength for each new day and that I can trust in Him to work everything out
  • I’m thankful for the various fertility opportunities that are available to us
  • I’m thankful for the support of family, friends, and like-minded communities
  • I’m thankful for my own life. God made me on purpose and for a purpose
  • I am thankful that I don’t step on Lego in the middle of the night

I pray that this list helps you to think outside of the weight of infertility and to all the things that make your life special. There are many things you can be thankful for while you weather this season. Don’t lose sight of God’s faithful love and all the beautiful things that make up your life. Each life is a miracle, including yours. You’re here to fall madly in love with Jesus first, your spouse second, and whomever else the Lord brings into your midst.

I’m thankful that you’ve joined this community. I’m thankful that I can share my empathy, pray with and for you, and cheer you on in this journey. I am thankful for you.

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