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Personal Update

What’s the best thing you’ve experienced so far this year? What’s one thing you’re looking most forward to?

This year has been off to an exciting start here so far! Here’s a few things that’s happening around our household.

  1. A New Family Member!

That’s right! Our little fur baby has arrived! I’m praying our little one will minister to many with lots of love and snuggles. God created dogs to have a powerful way of sensing how people are doing and giving them comfort.

But we have a ways to go. We’re definitely in the teething phase at the moment. We’re working on boundaries and establishing rank. Bless all of you new moms out there. I’m exhausted and it’s only a puppy. I can only imagine what it’s like to have a baby!

For those of you that are newer to our community, Michael and I love dogs. Our sweet Irish Setter, Declan, passed away in June of 2020. We took up dog-sitting shortly after to add some fun around the house as we weren’t quite ready for another dog of our own. It’s been a fun experience. We are planning to continue it once we get used to our own little pup as we feel it’s a great way to socialize him, but we’re taking time off of the dog-sitting for the next month while we acclimatize to our new family dynamics.

Introducing Mac! He’s a very smart little pup! He knew where his water and food dish were supposed to go on the second day, and already taught himself how to go down stairs.

Any advice for the teething phase? What’s one trick you think we should teach him?

2. One and a Half Weeks Before Sustaining Hope launches!

If you haven’t seen yet, Sustaining Hope is coming out on Tuesday, March 22nd! Mark your calendars and get ready! I’m so excited to share it with you all. Thank you for your encouragement and prayers throughout this adventure. We’re almost there!

Come along and follow the journey of the book through the photos, quotes, and verses related to the story that I’ve been posting on our Facebook and Instagram sites. You can catch a glimpse of what it’s all about and then dive deeper into the story when the book comes out.

Your continued prayers are appreciated as we’re gearing up for the launch and all the research and promotion that requires. I’m excited to get our testimony out to you, and am praying that our story gives you hope and inspiration in your own

Here’s the great reveal!

3. Health Update

Thank you to each of you who have been so graciously continuing to pray for my health as well. I can’t thank you enough! The Lord has used you in a great way over the last couple of years.

It’s been another season of appointments. I’m averaging one-two per week at the moment, but there is progress coming from it.

I have officially been discharged from the doctor that was overseeing my hormone rebalancing from the post-concussion syndrome!

I met with the neuro-ophthalmologist (vision therapy doctor) on February 8. He confirmed that I am officially discharged from the vision therapy as everything is holding steady after a year of being off of it. So, that’s very exciting! However, as he put it, because I am a “migrainer,” I’m still struggling with light sensitivity. That’s why I’m still wearing the blue clips on my glasses. I’ll always have them for my computer work, but I’ve been trying to wean off of them for my daily usage. It’s been a struggle.

So, we’re going to try reducing the tint and I’ll be starting another round of syntonics (light therapy) in late spring. For those of you that don’t know what syntonics is, I’ll be staring at a colour-coded light in a dark closet for 5-10 minutes. It really provoked my symptoms the last time I did it, so prayers of protection and progress are greatly appreciated.

I’m also saw the pain-management specialist again on March 3. He performs dry needling down my spine (a needle quickly inserted approximately 2.5 inches into the muscle to force relax it). This was my second visit, so we’ll see if I’ve made any progress at my next one on April 7.

Though it’s a lot of things to process, it’s exciting to see some of these appointments come to an end. This means that my body is finally starting to do what it needs to on its own, and that there is an end coming to this journey I’ve been on. So many have been on it with me as well, and I am eternally grateful!

Well, I think that’s enough excitement for today. I pray you all experience the Lord’s favour and grace upon you this weekend!

Hope in Him,

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