Memories with My Moms

Good relationships take a lot of work, but each one is worth it. As many of you know, I’m blessed with three moms. Each have very different personalities from another. There are some common interests too. The most beautiful and treasured being that they all love the Lord very much.

All three enjoy cooking a delicious meal for the family. They are good at sewing. They enjoy music and understanding the deeper things in Scripture. I could highlight so many incredible aspects of them all, but I thought with Mother’s Day coming that I would reflect upon one special memory I have with each of them.

Momma Sheila

I am a lot like my mom. I look, sound, and act very similar to her. It’s a beautiful gift. She and I have both been accepted to join a vendor’s market in Perth, Ontario on May 28th. Her tent is called Sew Inspired. We’ve had so much fun chitchatting about our ideas and products we’re planning to sell and the blessing it is to do it together. I’m very much looking forward to this special day with her.

She is quite an intelligent and creative woman. She’s taught me the importance of perseverance and not being afraid to try new things in order to grow and develop in what I feel called to. She’s been with me in my worst days of all my health crises, infertility, financial and faith battles. She’s listened to me rant and question the hardships of life. She’s prayed for and over me many times. She’s protective and compassionate. She’s also celebrated my growth and achievements.

Mom Sherrill

I was doing research for Hope Through Hard Times, focusing on our future development and how ministry works in the context of business vs. non-profit and charity. I didn’t know there were variations you could choose from when having to organize it with the government.

Mom has worked in human resources for many years, so I called on her expertise to give me wisdom. She took time to sift through her documents and do research online to help me find answers.

Mom and my dad came down one afternoon for a visit, so she and I could go over her findings. She gave me the opportunity to share how the Lord directed me to start the ministry, where it is, and the vision I have for the future. It was exciting to have that special time together and connect our hearts for it. She was a great encouragement.

Mom is a generous, mission-minded believer in Jesus. She loves getting involved with her church community, finding ways to reach out to others. She enjoys a good conversation and time with her family. We’ve nicknamed her MONA (mother nature) as you can often find her in the gardens and talking to the animals in the backyard and at the cottage. She adores God’s craftsmanship.

Mom-in-Love Jackie

I am a big ‘foodie’ and enjoy a delicious meal. It can be tricky with all my food sensitivities. Let’s just say I present a big challenge for people when it comes to the kitchen. But Jackie has been up for it with every new issue that comes. She has a compassionate heart and always trying to make me feel at home.

Last Christmas was so special to me. I came in her house, unsure of what I’d all be able to eat at the Christmas dinner. I stepped into the kitchen and she greeted me with a big smile. She had specially made cranberry sauce, Brussel sprouts with bacon and garlic, and a sweet treat that could all be added to my meal.

I sat at the table around the family with a full plate and a big smile. She always makes me feel special and included. It was a beautiful Christmas dinner.

Mom-in-love is a sincere listener. Though she appreciates a simple conversation here and there, she loves digging deep to the heart of the matter. She enjoys studying people, nature, and life in general. She’s a constant learner. Jackie also loves being outside as much as possible, working in God’s great earth to produce beauty around her home. She is gifted in encouraging people through writing letters, and has a beautiful way of bringing the Bible to life in her advent and lent devotionals.

Each of my moms has a beautiful heart for the Lord and it’s an honour to be close to each one and see how they use their God-given gifts for Him. I’ve learned so much from each one of them, and continue to do so.

Special ‘Momma’

There’s one other special ‘mom’ I’d like to take the time to honour today as Mother’s Day approaches. This woman has played the role of a special aunt/mom-like figure to me since I was born. This mention is to my dear ‘aunt’ Sue.

This woman has been a wonderful example of Christ throughout my life! She is always joyful no matter what suffering she’s going through. She serves humbly, selflessly, and quietly to many. She is very generous, giving little gifts that made her think of me. She is a constant encourager, always seeing and pointing out God’s work in me and cheering me on in whatever I do. She is constantly loving and forgiving of my faults. She is gracious. Though I may go for months without contacting her, she’s a phone call away, ready to receive me like I spoke with her yesterday.

Her home has always been my safe place to run to. She and Uncle Gerry have been so supportive, always wanting the best for me. They’ve cared about my spiritual walk and asked where I’m at with Jesus.

I count it a great privilege and honour to know this dear woman of God. I pray that I may grow to be like her one day.

Sue is a perfect example of how someone can be like a mom to someone else, even if you don’t have a physical/biological mom to turn to. The Lord does beautiful work in forming a community of believers together. You can always find someone to fill that role of a mother if you’re in need. If you’re missing that kind of person in your life, ask the Lord for help. He will send someone to fulfill that for you. Then remember to give thanks when He does. Enjoy and embrace the relationships you have with the people in your life. Life is fleeting. Thank the Lord this Mother’s Day for all the beautiful ‘moms’ He’s given you.

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