Life – My List of Thanks


There are always things you can be thankful for no matter what hard times you face. As the Canadian Thanksgiving approaches, I’d like to use this opportunity to share some of the things I’m thankful for.

  • My brain getting better – I’m so thankful that I’m able to process things easier now and make more decisions for myself
  • This ministry –
    • I’m so thankful for the gifts the Lord has given me so that I can serve you through my writing and products
    • I’m thankful for the support that you’ve shown me and the opportunity to pray for and encourage you
    • I’m thankful for the ideas the Lord continues to inspire me with and keep me motivated grow this ministry
    • I’m thankful for everyone that has helped me and provided resources along the way. You are all a gift to me
  • I’m thankful for the use of my arms and legs. I know that it’s not something I should take for granted. The Lord has been good to me in being able to freely walk and take care of myself, and be able to write
  • I’m thankful for the nature that surrounds me and that I can get out and enjoy going for walk
  • I’m thankful for the family of God that I can be a part of. It is beautiful to worship and grow in my relationship with Jesus alongside my adoptive family.
  • I’m thankful for the grace that the Lord has extended to me throughout my life and the grace of fellow believers who have done the same.
  • I’m thankful for family and friends that live close by that we can gather together with, share memories, and laugh.  
  • I’m thankful for the family and friends that live away and for their love and perseverance in choosing to maintain their relationship with me.
  • I’m thankful for the home that Michael and I live in and all the memories we share in making it our own. We’ve laughed, cried, and battled for each other and for Jesus in this house.
  • I’m thankful for our infertility – I’ll explain more in the infertility post this month
  • I’m thankful to the Lord for helping and providing the opportunity for Michael and I to pay off our house so that we can be free to serve the Lord as He desires
  • I’m thankful for the recovery I’ve had so far from my concussion and all the people that have worked hard to get me to where I am
  • I’m thankful for the ability I still have to freely attend a church, live in a war-free country, and be able to work
  • I’m thankful for the job that I have that helps provide for the things Michael and I take enjoyment in

The fun thing about starting to write this kind of list is that I feel like I could keep going for quite a while as each idea triggers another. Writing this list puts the great things in my life to the forefront of my mind rather than all the heavy stuff. It can turn a frustrating or weighty situation into something light. For example, being thankful for my working limbs helps me remember that though I’m still struggling with some things in my health, it could be much worse. So, it helps me be thankful for what I have and how far the Lord has brought me.

How about you? What are you thankful for today?

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