Happy Birthday Michael!

I’m very excited to announce my husband’s birthday today! He’s a quiet, loving, generous man that deserves to be celebrated. Since we can’t do much in way of going out this year, I thought I would take my liberties and share some fun with you! 

I usually tend to go a little crazy on his birthday. He so fun to do surprises for, yet he makes it SO difficult at the same time. I am pretty good at keeping things quiet beforehand. But he often tends to think about the things I want to get him right around his special day. This throws me in a bit of a tizzy, but I play it cool and carry on.

Some of the things that Michael enjoys is basketball, good food, and studying ancient history. I thought I would go all out for his first birthday we had together, incorporating all of the above ideas. I took him on a little road trip… 

I didn’t tell him where we were going. I had him drive and gave him directions when needed. This led us to Toronto. I had him make a few guesses the closer we got which thankfully he didn’t get right. We finally arrived at Medieval Times. 

It is a dinner theatre. The whole environment mimics the era. The staff are in period clothing. You have to eat food with your hands. You eat dinner while watching “knights” joust and fight against each other. 

It was a night filled with fun, food, and great entertainment. Our knight even won. Yay!

Then I took him to the Keg on his actual birthday. We enjoyed a nice romantic meal together. At the end of the dessert, I passed him a couple of tickets to see the Harlem Globetrotters. Someday I’ll save up enough for a Raptors game!

He was blown away and really enjoyed it. Okay, I thought, it’s on. Surprises galore. 

The next year rolled around. We had a trip planned to Alberta. Michael had never seen the Rocky Mountains. We had family there, so we were really looking forward to this. 

Michael is a great photographer. Our camera wasn’t good quality and the good one he had wasn’t digital. So, I asked my parents for some help, and we went in together to get him a great camera. 

One of Michael’s recent photos

Of course, he just so happened to start researching cameras as his birthday approached. I had purchased his present back in March. So, I had to get him off the trail, but it was hard. He wanted to go shopping for one the week before his birthday. I was definitely panicked, but thought, “It’s okay Rachel. I’ll make sure it has a full return policy if he decides to buy one”. Thankfully, I was able to distract him with others things so he didn’t end up going. 

He was ecstatic (for Michael anyway), when he finally got it. Out we went to test it. It had great clarity and zoom on it. I was so thankful we made it to his birthday without having to spill the beans!

2017 was the Easter egg hunt surprise that I shared in my post two weeks ago. If you missed that fun, you can find it here

To be honest, the next two birthdays were a blur. 2018’s birthday was a quiet one as we were still grieving our infertility news. We laid low that year. 

Michael and some friends had planned a canoe trip in July last year. So I took him shopping to get supplies for that birthday. 

Since the last two have been pretty low key, I figured it’s time to spice things up again and have some fun. I had to get a little more creative since everything is pretty much shut down right now. But I’ve got something brewing.

In case he reads this, I will not disclose any information yet. I guess you’ll have to wait until next week to find out. Until then, party on!

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