Free Date Ideas You Can Do At Home

Are you bored? Having a hard time in the mundane? Here are some date ideas to help spice life up right now.

For the Games Couple:

Scavenger Hunt

If you have some of your spouse’s favourite candy or chocolate around, you can use those as prizes. Make her work for the treats. If you don’t have any treats, you can use little love notes or coupons for things he likes (massage, favourite baked good, etc).

Hide all of the prizes around your house and backyard. Make clues for your spouse to find them. If you need some ideas of clues, click on the file below:

Games Marathon

We did a small version of this the other night. We played one round of Clue, then The Game of Life, a couple rounds of Farkle, and then a round of cribbage. It was a lot of fun.

What are some of your favourite games? What are some games that have been collecting dust that you could play again? Bring them out and have a day of competitive fun.

For the Movie Couple:

Scene Charade

Compile a list of three different genres of movies that you like. Then have a marathon. When one movie ends, you each have to pick your favourite scene and act it out. You can try any way:

1 – Act the scene out by yourself for your spouse

2 – Act it out together

3 – Mime the scene

4 – Try it with a different accent

If you have kids, get the whole family involved.

Rewrite the Script

Watch a movie that you haven’t seen yet. Pretend you’re the critic. Rewrite the scenarios you didn’t like or change the ending of the movie. Another option would be to switch the genre for a scene. For example, take a romantic scene and turn it into a comedy.

For the Sporty Couple:

Switch things up.

  • If you’re usually into weightlifting, try learning to dance using tutorials online.
  • If you play team sports, work on some stretching exercises and resistance training.
  • If you usually workout alone, switch it up by working out with your spouse. Use only your bodies together to create resistance training.

None of these ideas cost anything. Be creative and have fun together. It is important to have some lighthearted fun in a stressful time. It’ll help you stay connected and growing together. You never know. You might try something new that sticks.

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