Covering College & University with Scholarships

Last week we talked about hitting the pavement and working hard during the school year, and in the summer, to pay for your education. I realize that it might be difficult to completely cover all of your school costs, especially if you’re attending university. 

Some of your kids are in grade twelve this year feeling the looming decisions of which school to attend. Should they take a year off to save up or start next year and deal with the financial consequences later? 

One thing I would suggest, that I regret not doing myself, is to apply for scholarships. Does your child have a spare during school this year? Do you or they have time during the week or on Saturday to do a little research? Applying for scholarships might be the ticket to paid for education. 

Think about it, if your child or yourself (if you’re attending post-secondary education) took as little as two hours a week applying for a scholarship now, in preparation for next year, you could potentially apply for over 100 of them by the start of school next year!

Don’t think that the options are only out there for your grade twelve graduate. There are mature student scholarships, international grants, and already attending student ones. You can find scholarships from the government, colleges, universities, organizations, and companies. There are thousands of them out there. 

Spend an hour researching each week, then an hour or two applying. You can apply for as many as you’re willing to put the effort in. Some you need to write essays for, some you just have to fill out basic information. 

The thing is, there is a TON of money waiting around for people to accept for education. Most people, like I was, won’t put the effort forth to apply because they set themselves up for failure. “I won’t get it so there’s no point doing it”. “I’m not a good writer”. “Someone related to someone else will probably get it.” “I don’t have good enough grades”. “It will take too long.” “I don’t have the time”. 

The list of excuses could go on and on, but think about this. Even if you only receive one grant for $2,000, that would be an entire semester’s worth of tuition (depending on the program). Then you only have to pay for your books and supplies. You can work part-time that semester and save up for the tuition the next semester. Any amount of scholarship can get you ahead towards the next year. 

Are you worried about the scholarships that require you to maintain a certain grade average? Consider an accountability partner. If you know there are stakes involved, you’re going to work harder. You’ll feel responsible to put the effort in and get good grades. You’ll seek out tutors for the things you need help with. And because of that, you’ll succeed better in school.

The best-case scenario is that you’ll apply to a bunch of scholarships and get accepted. I have heard of people that had almost their entire schooling paid for because they put the effort in to apply for scholarships. 

If you are pro-active and work hard at applying for scholarships, and even work part-time during your school year, you could graduate from college or university financially free! That means you’ll be way ahead of everyone else. 

Developing great work-ethic while in school will set you up for success afterwards. Professors will notice. Employers will then notice. You’ll know the value of hard-work and the money you earn from a good job afterwards. 

You’ll be able to afford a car with cash. You’ll be able to live on your own and put a down-payment on your own house. You’ll be able to save for retirement and travel. 

Sure, it’ll all take time and depend on the job you can find when you’re done your schooling. But you can dream and plan for your future because you’re not going to be spending the next 10 to 20 years paying off those dreaded student loans!

I thought I’d help you out to get you started. Again, whether your child is in grade 12, you have a son or daughter in post-secondary education, or you’re looking to attend college or university yourself, check out these scholarship opportunities and start applying now. It’ll give you an idea of what they are looking for and some ideas of what to research. I literally started the research by typing Ontario Scholarships 2021, and a plethora of opportunities popped up. 

Let us know if you get awarded any scholarships throughout the year. We’d love the opportunity to celebrate with you and cheer you on!

Various Scholarship Opportunity Links
(Please note that some may show expired for the 2020 school year. Bookmark ones you find like that and check back in January):

Government (Scroll down for the grants)

Universities and Colleges:
(Most, if not all, colleges and universities have scholarships available. If you type in the college or university you’re attending and then scholarships in Google, you’ll find what you need)


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