Creative Gift Ideas – Part 2

There were a few staff that I really bonded with during my time at Bible college. Their homes always felt warm and welcoming. There was one in particular that I loved going to. The house always smelled wonderful. They had special movie nights where a group of us could come over to watch a movie. They would have pizza along with homemade brownie sundaes with all the toppings.

When it came to Christmas, their home reminded me of a Hallmark card. It was beautifully decorated. Every room with accents of Christmas all around. They always had a tall tree that lit up the corner of their living room. The whole house was breathtaking.

As I sat and admired the decorations, the wife and I got into a conversation about Christmas traditions. There was one in particular that stuck with me from that conversation that I’d like to pass on to you now.

She said that she had read about a family that gave each child three presents. It was to symbolize the three gifts that the wise men brought Jesus: gold, frankincense, and myrhh. It’s not that the children got those as gifts. But it allowed the parents to be able to explain the reasoning behind why the children only got three. It was to continue weaving the Christmas story into their celebrations. It was an opportunity to teach their children. They didn’t need more than that. And the three gifts they did get were to be treasured and enjoyed.

We live in a materialistic culture. I confess growing up that presents were addictive.  I’d see so many under the tree. I’ve rip through each one in excitement, and then felt the disappointment when it was over. Some years we had more than others. Though it was extremely selfish, I always felt like I wanted more.

That’s why I love this idea of giving three. The presents have purpose and meaning. The kids will start to expect that three is all they’ll be getting, so to make wise choices in what they ask for.

If this seems hard to do, I have another option to pair with it. A coupon book. Create a book that fits the child. It could be going on a special date with mom or dad to a movie, play catch at the park, go out for ice cream, etc. There could be coupons about buying a book or toy they want. It could be sitting down and playing a game as a family. It can be as creative as you want. Give this coupon book to the children at Christmas as well. This will give them the opportunity to use the coupons throughout the year. That way, all the excitement isn’t on one day. They can have special moments throughout the whole year with you. You decide how many coupons you want to give, the budget around it, etc.

Another option that I’ve heard of for presents is a little checklist poem for kids to write their options out:

Something I want
Something I need
Something to wear
Something to read

Some have expanded this to be:

Something from Santa
Something to do with the Family

Again, you can make this as much as you want. It may help you decide on what to get your family members. This doesn’t just have to include children. It could be for anyone.

Hopefully your Christmas shopping and plans are coming along well. Remember to stick within your budget so that you can enjoy Christmas too without worrying how you’re going to pay for it all.

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