A Prayer for Christmas Time

Dear Lord,

Thank You so much for the birth of Your Son on this earth, so that we might become Your children. Thank You for the freedom that is found in You; The hope of life both now and forever. Thank You for holidays and festivals that we can celebrate in remembrance of all that You’ve done for us. These are so important to You.

I’m grateful that we can live in a generation that we’re celebrating and reflecting upon the life of Christ, rather than looking ahead for it. Instead of celebrating Passover, we can celebrate the Passover Lamb on our behalf.

Christmas is such a beautiful time, yet it’s been tainted. The enemy loves to discourage and distract during this time. To make it about things that don’t matter. To do things that steal our joy. Help us to focus on You this year. To make it about the thing that does matter. To rejoice in the birth of our Saviour and the story that followed. To celebrate with anyone we can through the various means You’ve provided.

Father, I specifically want to lift up to You those who are struggling with infertility this Christmas. I know it is difficult when a bunch of ads on TV are flashing all the children’s products to entice their little minds. There’s lots of cute baby and children things placed throughout every store. Families are talking about fun things they’re getting for their children, grandchildren, etc.

This is often a season of hope for those with infertility. Hoping and wishing for the conception of a child from You at Christmas time. A time when they wish to share the great news with family and friends. And then feeling the added weight and devastation when it doesn’t happen.

Father, I pray that You would please protect their eyes and hearts this Christmas. Blanket them in Your peace and affirmation that You’re in control of their story. That You are writing something beautiful and specific for them. May they be amazed at their ability to rejoice with all ages, at the fun of Christmas.

I pray that You would help these couples to also not feel empty at home this Christmas as well. Give them creativity in how they spend their morning together. Make it special Father. Give them new traditions or ideas to bless You, each other, and others. Fill their morning with praise to You and special moments to ponder for months to come. May they not dread this year, but be filled with joy, comfort, and peace.

Thank You for the precise and intricate details You invest into each of our stories. It’s amazing to think how You know each and every single person on this earth, that You write every one of our stories, that You’re abundantly present in all of our lives, all at the same time.

Jesus, Christmas is about You. It’s not about us. You want us to celebrate and have a great time together. You want there to be laughter and fun. It’s who You are. But may we not forget to take our eyes off of ourselves and our desires, and lift them up to You. May we find contentment this year in the real meaning of this season, and thus feel satisfied in whatever it looks like.

This world is crying out. May the true meaning of this season ring louder than ever before. May Your children not be found discouraged, distracted, or discontented this year. But help us to shine bright to this lost world and show them where hope can be found.

It’s a privilege to pray in Jesus’ Mighty name,


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