“Baby Goats, Goats, Goats”

My husband sang this little ditty on our way to the goat farm. 

I was seeing a doctor a couple of hours away from home. I still wasn’t great at handling traveling yet due to my concussion, so we had stayed at an ‘Air BnB’ overnight. Instead of having to pay $200 for a night at a hotel, we rented a room at the Air BnB for $50. We packed our breakfast and lunch for the next day to save on food. I had made sure that the house had a fridge and microwave accessible for us to use. We had to make this trip to the doctor’s 4 different times, so the costs were going to add up. Therefore, creativity was a must!

I noticed while booking the room that Air BnB now has Experiences available. That’s how I came across “Growing Hope” farm in Cambridge, Ontario. I grew up on a land crop farm when I was little. The only animal we had was a dog, but I had always hoped we could have had farm animals. So, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to play with some baby goats! They allow you to bottle-feed them, hold them, and play with the baby goats aged 3-6 weeks for $10/person for an hour. That fun little adventure was just $20 for my husband and I. 

The best part is that all of the proceeds from the farm go to charity. To learn more about “Growing Hope Farm”, check out their website at www.growinghopefarm.ca. It is a great opportunity for anyone, unless you’re a goat farmer and get your fill of goat love all day every day!

My husband and I had a great time. We laughed …a lot…as they tried to lick Michael’s shoe off, chew his camera bag and my hair, and vie for our attention. It’s also great therapy if you’ve had a rough time and need a smile. I had one little goat snuggle up to me for a good 10-20 minutes. Another lady that seemed like she was having a rough day was able to snuggle with a goat for almost the entire hour! It stayed in her lap the whole time. 

Some are so curious and want to play the whole time, while others just want to be held. I will warn you to bring a glove though if you want to bottle feed them. I think my hand smelled like sour milk for 2 days afterwards!

You can also collect eggs from the chickens they have. There are lots of chickens roaming around the property as well. They aren’t bothersome. There are some that are curious and will peck at your shoes, but other than that, they are fun to watch. They have chicken coops around the area. You can lift up the hatch and see if there are any eggs in the nests. If you find a dozen, you can get a carton and pay for some deliciously fresh eggs!

I encourage you to find a random activity that you wouldn’t normally do, for an inexpensive price, and share your idea with us! Even if most things are shut down right now, let’s plan for the summer and fall. 

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