A Prayer for this School Year

Dear Father, 

Thank You so much for the education that we have available to us. Thank You that each child has a chance to grow and learn, to develop and thrive. So many in our world don’t get that opportunity. We are grateful for the privilege we have here to do so. 

Thank You for the resources You’ve given us to adapt this year. Thank You that we have technology that allowed us to learn online, whether it was through the public, private, or homeschooling options. We were all working together to instruct children and keep them growing. 

Thank You for the summer we had to unplug. A summer filled with reconnecting with others. Some were able to get away for a bit, others enjoyed going back to work. We had time with family and friends, unhindered by battling with children to do more school work when they were tired of it all. They were able to get outside and play. 

Thank You for the beautiful weather that You blessed us with this spring and summer. We were able to get out and enjoy nature and fresh air. That was certainly a gift. 

Father, we come before You, our sovereign King and ask for You help. There are a lot of adjustments that parents, students, teachers, and educational staff have to make this fall. It won’t be or feel like school people are used to. We face the reality that it is going to be hard. Some children struggle going back in a normal school year, now this is heightened. Some children are excited to return and connect with friends, but I’m sure the wave of shock and lack of quality play time at recesses and in class is going to be hard on them. Teachers are doing their best to prepare, but the joy of teaching has been tainted in the stress of all these new protocols. 

Lord, I ask that You would bless the educational staff with creativity, patience, and strength to not only get through this year, but to find ways to enjoy it. May they find different avenues to connect deeply with students; to be able help the student develop in his/her best ways. 

Father, I ask that You be with all the parents. Help those who’ve had to give up their jobs in order to stay home, or who’ve lost their income and financially can’t afford to send their children to the education they desired. Please give them wisdom, creativity, and patience as they learn how to homeschool their children. Help the family to know how to switch from teacher hat to parent hat throughout the days and nights. 

Be with the children, Father. You’ve made so many of them resilient and adaptable to change. I know they’ll adapt and do well. But please be with each and every one of them in that process. 

You love children. You love their simple faith to those who believe in You. You take pleasure in their wonder and imagination. Lord, I ask that these children will give their little hearts to You. May they see from an early age that they can trust in You, especially in times like these. That they can lean into You to be their strength, peace, and joy. They can hope in a brighter future because they have the King of Light as their Lord. You are Life and Breath. Come Holy Spirit and stir within these children a passion for You. May this school year be a time that Your Fire sets ablaze throughout these children. So that You are proclaimed throughout the nations by these little ones. 

You are SO good, faithful and true. Thank You that we can trust in Your sovereign, perfect plans. We can lean into You and look to You to be our strength, wisdom, and passion. You will lead and direct those who put their trust in You. May we trust You with this situation. 

Keep families healthy. Protect all the school staff this year as they seek to serve these children, regardless of the cost. Put a shield around them as they interact with the children and give them Your immunity and health. 

We give You thanks and praise for what You’re going to do this school year. May we stand in awe and wonder at the end of it, with our arms and hearts lifted high to You. 

In Jesus’ Mighty name we pray, 

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