A Giant in Small Spaces

I was tall for my age growing up. I was the girl in the back row of school photos along with all the boys because I was a head taller than most of the other kids. Size helped me but also hindered me in ways as well. 

Claustrophobia was never a thing for me. In fact, little spaces intrigued me. My brother and I enjoyed building forts as kids. I liked finding little hide-away spots that I could crawl into and make a story out of. It was fun and imaginative. 

I was approximately 18 months old at the time. My aunt and uncle had moved into their new house. My Mom was there to help wash the walls and put together the finishing touches. I was playing in my aunt and uncle’s bedroom while they worked. They had a metal blanket rack that was in the shape of a rounded bus shelter at the end of their bed. I can’t explain my little mind at the time, but I thought it would be fun to stick my head through the top of it. I managed to get it through the bars – and then got stuck. I mean seriously stuck. Without panicking, I stood there patiently and repeated, ‘Mom…Mom…Mom…stuck”. My uncle came to my rescue. Unfortunately, he had to take the whole rack apart. He propped me up on the bed and went to work. Thankfully, after some dismantling, I was free!

I was around four at the time. One of my favourite things was visiting my Nana and Papa. They had a beautiful house with a nice white railing that wrapped around the front porch.  One day, I decided to slip my little legs through the banisters. I let my legs dangle off the side of the deck while I swung them back and forth. I sat and watched as cars and people went by. It was relaxing. I was always content at their house. It was a place of comfort and joy for me. 

After a while of sitting there, I decided I wanted to play. I could get my legs in fine, but when I went to get up, my knee suddenly seemed too big to slip through the banisters. I was stuck…again. Someone eventually came to my rescue though.

You’d think I would have learned from those moments. I got craftier as I aged. I managed to never seriously get stuck again. Although my intrigue for little spaces seemed to have continued. I liked sitting in the sink in our kitchen like a frog. I had two closets in my bedroom. I used one for clothes and I turned the other into a little office space. It was a standard sized closet, but I managed to get a stool in there along with a three-shelf unit. I used the top of it as a desk, even though I had a desk in my bedroom.  I pretended that no one would find me and I could hide away into my own little creative world. It was peaceful and special.  

I think I’ve outgrown this phase of my life. My height has leveled out and I enjoy spacious environments now. Although, you never know. You might find me in the most peculiar spot someday.

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