Welcome Back Anne

I was around nine at the time. My family had traveled to Maine for a friend’s wedding. Since we were out there, we took the opportunity to visit the east coast of Canada as well. 

Prince Edward Island was a beautiful, peaceful place. The red dirt and wispy reeds blowing along the cliffs of the ocean gave a relaxed feeling as we drove by. To our family, P.E.I. is known for their potatoes, lighthouses, and little white churches. 

Our family liked to play a little game each time we passed by these things. With each passing potato field, we had to yell out a different type of potato dish, such as fries, mashed, and scalloped. Whenever we saw a white church, we’d yell out “pretty white church”. It brought some fun to our family drive. 

We stayed in a quaint bed and breakfast.  It was a beautiful morning when we awoke. We got ready for the next day’s adventure. My mom typically did my hair since I didn’t care to. It was thick and heavy. I normally opted for a pony tail when I did it. But since she always did it so nicely and enjoyed doing it, I was happy to let her. 

I didn’t care for French braids much. I felt like I looked like a cone head. So, she would do side braids for me. This morning was no different. 

Our parents wouldn’t tell us where we were going each day. It was always a surprise, which made each day exciting. We headed out of the bed and breakfast to the next unknown location. 

Then we arrived to Anne of Green Gables’ house. I was so excited! Out of all the nicknames I received growing up for being a redhead, this was the one I minded the least. I loved Anne’s story and her feisty personality. I could relate. 

In my excitement, I had forgotten that my hair was in two braids. Walking into the old white and green house, there was an employee at the door to greet us. He took one look at me and greeted me with a loud and boisterous, “Welcome back Anne”! Instantly my face went beet red and I was filled with embarrassment! Why would my mom braid my hair today?!?

He quickly saw my red face and shared that it was a complete compliment. He told us we should see what the woman acting Anne looked like that was telling stories in the woods. He told me that when I turned 16, I should come back and work there. 

Even though I was still embarrassed, deep down I could feel the interest and excitement brew at that idea. I loved adventures and acting. 

We eventually did bump into the Anne in the woods. She had a red yarn wig on and large painted freckles on her face. Yikes! She looked more like Raggedy Anne than Anne of Green Gables. Yes, I was going to have to return when I was older and rectify this problem they were having. 

It was such an incredible experience to walk through the old house, the Spooky Forest, by the creek, and in the meadow. I could envision the story playing out as I walked through Avonlea and saw where everything was filmed. Yes, I, I could be Anne. Look out Megan Follows!

Though I looked into returning as a teenager, I never ended up following through with it. I did return in my early twenties though along with my dad and stepmom. We got dressed up and enjoyed a fine tea and scone. A lovely time it was. I braided my hair in two braids again for old memories sake. 

If you are looking for travel ideas with the family, I would definitely recommend a road trip out east. It is a beautiful, welcoming sight to see. 

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