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Be Content For He is Always With Me

During my Bible School years, I was reading through Hebrews as a course assignment, and when I came to this verse in context, it blew me away! “….be content with such things as you have, for He has said, “I will never leave you….’ “. I was going through a difficult year. I had broken up with my boyfriend, my family was going through a time of brokeness and even my close friends seemed to be “leaving” me. I felt alone and abandoned. But that night as I sat at my desk eating candy corn, the words practically jumped off the page at me! I could be content, simply because God was with me and would never leave me! So simple yet so profound! I clung to that verse after that!

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Faithful Father of Finances

What is your heart telling you about your finances? Are you fearful that you don’t have enough? Are you thinking that you’re good and don’t need any help? Let’s explore both of these thoughts today

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