Organizing Your Priorities

Michael and I were talking about a month ago. I was routine weary and overwhelmed with everything I had on my plate.  I knew I needed to keep up with them in order to progress my health, marriage, and work but I had been slacking because I was tired of it all.

Michael mentioned I should make a chart. He knows that I’m a goal-oriented, visually motivated person. The lightbulb came on and I realized that was my answer. I had made a chart when we were paying off our mortgage so that we could colour a line every time we paid off another $1,000. We had a big goal and it seemed insurmountable when we were just putting money on it when we could. But having a visual plan inspired me to work hard and keep going. Every line coloured meant that much closer to freedom.

So, as I made this new chart for my personal priorities, we decided I needed an incentive for the end of the year. I had to work towards something. We had a great chat about it and determined that my reward would be a membership at a local gym so that I could get back to swimming again. It’s something I loved to do when I was younger. I’d get in the water and the world would disappear. I could exercise and focus on swimming without having to think about anything else. It was something special and rewarding I could do for myself. So, that’s my goal I’m working towards.

In order to maintain my vision therapy success, along with continuing to improve my body recovery from my concussion, I have to do my vision therapy exercises, wean myself off of my blue glasses, be diligent with my exercises, and my stretches.

One thing I’ve also slacked in is my marriage. My concussion really affected our marriage. Working through my recovery has taken a lot from me which means I’ve had little left by the end of the night to give to Michael. I always want to love him and put him above other things, but I’ve gotten lost in all the other priorities and taken him for granted at times. So, I decided to add him to the priority goals as well.

I want to honour the Sabbath so I’ve given myself Sundays as a day off. And boy, do I ever look forward to that day each week now!

But to be truthful, this chart has become a game changer for me. It holds me accountable and motivates me to keep going when I see each little square coloured in. It reminds me that I’m making progress even when I don’t feel like it.

This chart inspired me so much that I even made one for this ministry. Michael and I figured out the average time I have per week to invest into Hope Through Hard Times. Then we narrowed down the top three things I wanted to focus on for the rest of the year which were the blog, my book, and a course that I am creating for you.

The course has been the most important to me in my mind and heart but I kept letting the more urgent things take up my time, which meant that I wasn’t giving space to develop the course. So, with this new ministry chart, I am now able to divide my time better and accomplish both the important and urgent things.

These charts have brought structure to my day, helping me list my priorities, be intentional with my time, and stay focused. They’ve added discipline and excitement, helping me work towards my goals each day.

So now I ask you – How are you doing with all your responsibilities? Are you feeling overwhelmed and scatter brained? I’d be happy to help you get organized too. Send me a message and we’ll connect. I can make you a chart that you can use to get yourself going as well.

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