Looking Toward Easter

Easter is my favourite holiday of the year. It emulates my life. It rings out the purpose I have every day. It represents the abundant grace poured out covering every single sinful moment I’ve had, and yet to have. It overwhelms me to think of the unfathomable love that Christ has for me, and everyone else who chooses to believe. His sacrifice is the greatest gift anyone could ever give. The gift of salvation, freedom, forgiveness, grace, mercy, and great love.

It shows us the incredible, almighty power of God. A part of God died on our behalf. He created us, knowing that a day would come where He would have to pay the ultimate price to show His creation just how much He loves and cares about everyone. Then the power in Himself, by His Spirit, to be able to conquer Hell itself and raise Himself from death and the grave – amazing!

It is hard for humans to fathom that until that experiential knowledge I spoke about last month comes to life. Feeling, sensing, and seeing God’s transformational miracles in our lives allows our eyes to be opened and in awe of the real and Almighty Living God!

This captivated my little four-year-old heart. My Great-Grandparents passed away when I was two and four. I was exposed to death at a very young age. My brother stood at my Great-Grandfather’s casket, rubbing his hand and forehead, curious, and trying to wake him up from sleeping. In my toddler accent, I said “Trebor (Trevor), he’s not sleeping. He’s in hebben (heaven)”.

God gave me an understanding of Himself very young. I was in love with Jesus at that age. I remember finding ways to serve Him even that young. Sitting on the little half wall at the front of our church, singing “Jesus Loves Me” with all my heart in front of the church as my aunt played the piano.

I witnessed to my friends. I was different than them. They didn’t understand. They thought I was weird. They teased me for it. I lost friendships over it. But it was worth the cost in my mind. I just wanted them to understand the love Jesus had for them. I didn’t want them to go to Hell, knowing it is a very real place.

As I became a teenager and headed off to high-school, I stood my ground there too. I spoke against evolution. I dismissed myself when people were talking comfortably about things in class that I strongly disagreed with. I wouldn’t let Jesus’ name be thrown around or dismissed. I loved Him and was offended when people spoke out against Him.

God gave me His great grace in my twenties. I “went off the rails” so to speak. I tried different things in my adulthood trying to “find myself” and where I belonged in this world. Though it all felt satisfying for a brief moment, I was overwhelmed with shame and guilt afterwards. God used that to show me His great grace and call me back to Himself.

There was a moment at Bible College that I remember going before the front of the chapel and offering my life in service to the Lord. I didn’t know what that looked like, but I knew that nothing in this world mattered more than a life dedicated to Jesus.

So as I look to Good Friday, to my All-in-All, ridiculed, shamed, beaten, bruised, tormented, and neglected, I am humbled and left on bended knee in full surrender again.

As I look to Easter Sunday, I see my Conquering Victor raised up above heaven and earth. I see Him seated on the throne, ruling over everything once again. I see His power. I see and feel the confident hope I have, knowing that I will one day physically be prostate before that very throne. I see myself walking by still streams of water, lying in green pastures, resting with my Jesus. I see eternal peace, joy, love, and perfect health. I see complete contentment. I see fellowship, laughter, and fun with my true eternal family. The body of Christ celebrating, working, and loving life together in perfect unity.

As you look toward Easter this year, what do you see? Do you see a stranger you are intrigued to know more about? Do you see the Saviour? Do you feel the weight of the sacrifice; your sin and shame hanging on the perfect God paying the price for you? Do you feel victory, God-honouring fear, and great hope? Do you see the King riding on His horse coming again?

As we prepare for this great holiday, I want to explore the story once again. I want to dig into the Bible and be captivated again by all that Jesus was and did for us. To bring us to our knees in praise and to celebrate this holiday with the victory we have in Jesus. It’s all about Jesus and all for Jesus.

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