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Wow, it has been an incredible month! There’s been so much going on that I’m bursting to share with you. I’ll try to make it short and concise. There’s something at the end I need you to know as well, so stick with me.

Health – I am rejoicing to say that I am officially done ALL of my concussion therapies! My last appointment was on Monday. The doctor did his routine questions with me to see how everything was progressing. In my report, I was able to share that I drove (not rode) to Guelph on Friday. My exercising has been increasing, from walks around the block, to incorporating Pilates (a gentle way to add strength without undoing all his hard work), and going for hour long (or longer) walks on the weekends. More responsibilities are being added to my day, and my brain is able to keep up.

These are all significant! I have not been able to drive beyond our neighbouring city of London since my concussion. The first time I tested driving on major highways was in Quebec when I spoke at New Brunswick Bible Institute in October. It was a quieter highway, so I knew it would be safer to try. Within the last month, I’ve driven to Windsor by myself (two-hour drive), and now to Guelph, which is an hour and a half away in much busier traffic.

It seems odd to celebrate the exercise part, but I have not been able to sustain exercising since my concussion either. The majority I could handle was a walk around the block and I’d be experiencing concussion related symptoms by the end of it. Freedom to strengthen my body again is such a gift!

The other great news is that I found contacts with a similar filter to my blue glasses, so I don’t need to wear my glasses every day!! That has truly been a game changer for me!

Thank you so very much to everyone who has prayed for Michael and me through this! Thank you for all of the encouragement, meals, money, visits, drives to the various doctors, hospitals, and therapies, and for telling our story to others, to encourage them in their recovery as well! The Lord is so faithful and gives us stories of His great work so we give Him the glory, and share the power of His great work with others.

Work – There’s much developing behind the scenes here! We’re working hard to get this Bible study ready for the fall. There’s a couple more things to tweak in the workbook, which I’m hoping to have done for the middle of June. We’ve recorded the first video for the study as well! The men working with me have done a truly excellent job! I’m so excited to share it with you! On that note, we’re going to be filming two-three of them this coming Monday, May 8, and plan to have the rest of them filmed on Monday, May 15! There’s six in total.

We’re also putting details together for the women’s intensive, Warrior Weekend, coming up November 17-19! It’s going to be a full weekend of action (More so the spiritual action over the physical kind)! You have to sign up with a partner, as this is designed for discipleship and accountability to be put into action. Because of limited space, we’re only accepting 24 women, so be sure to sign up soon! Click here to register!

We need your help! – With planning the Bible study and Warrior Weekend, as well as maintaining the blog, podcast, social media, and future developments, we have a full load! We’re looking for volunteers who enjoy designing things (like social media and blog posts), editing podcasts, writing, or speaking (podcast guest), and/or spreading the news about our ministry! Would you like to partner with us?

As much as I enjoy all of these things, there’s a lot more the Lord has called me to do for you. So, it’s time to hand some of this over. It’s been an incredible blessing to see the Lord bring people together like Sammy with the podcast, Jennifer with the finance posts, and a whole crew for the Bible study and Warrior Weekends. And it’s time to grow again! These are all people who work full-time and dedicate some of their extra time to minister to you. Would you like to join our team as well? If so, email me at [email protected].

With that being said, I need to take a break from the blog and social media this next week. We’ll be recording five videos for the Bible study and I have a speaking engagement next Saturday, the 13th as well, and one coming up on the 26th, so there’s lots to prepare for. I hope you understand and see the need we have for your help!

Speaking of, we now have posters available to advertise the Warrior in Training Bible study and Warrior Weekend! Would you like some for your church/community? Let us know how many and we’ll mail them to you!

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