Allowance? How Old Am I?

Who doesn’t look forward to pay day? It’s that great time where you can watch your bank account climb and feel that hard work pay off. But, then comes the reality of being an adult and knowing that a lot of that money is going to bills. If you’re hard at work trying to pay off debt, give yourself a little allowance each pay. 

My husband and I started incorporating allowance into each pay when we started a budget. We started off with $40 each per pay, but the more focused and intense we got on paying off the debt, the more we reduced it. Now we’re at $15 each per paycheck. It’s a nice little treat here and there when I want a tea, a lunch out with a friend, or to buy something I’ve wanted. Or, if I’m really good, I can stretch it out and book a surprise night away for us somewhere; an AirBnB or a hotel (on sale of course)! 

By having a little cash in your pocket each pay, it gives you the freedom you’re craving to get out and have a little fun. Be creative in what you want to do with it. Our allowance typically ends up going to food, even though we already have a restaurant category in our budget. But it’s something that we both enjoy doing, so we’re okay with that. We get enjoyment from going out for a tea or an ice cream together. If you need some help to get the ideas flowing, here are a few tips:

· Buy some nail polish with a friend and give each other a manicure or pedicure

· Go to Chapters, grab a drink at Starbucks, and find a good book you’d like or have wanted to purchase

· Go to the beach and enjoy an ice cream or some French fries and watch the sunset.

· Pack yourself and a friend a picnic, go to a Provincial Park, and enjoy a day in nature

· Plan a photo scavenger hunt for someone and drive around town watching them find all the items…or not!

· Save and surprise a loved one with something they’ve really wanted. It’s a double gift that way.

· Surprise that special someone with a night away, even if it’s just in the next city over. Sometimes getting out of the house (and getting away from all that needs to be done) for a night is just what you need.

It’s fascinating how far you can stretch a dollar when you really want to save up for something special. The longer you get used to the little extras each pay, the more thrifty and creative you’ll become. 

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