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Why Journal?

Are you someone that likes to journal or do you lean more towards seeing it as a waste of time? If you do like to journal, are you consistent with it? Or do you tend to pick it up at times and then leave it for long periods. Have you ever questioned what the point to journaling is all about?

I never used to be great at it. I didn’t really see the point when I was younger. All I understood of journaling was writing about all my crushes growing up (yes, there were many!) or recording all my woes in life. It was a way to vent without complaining to others.

I’ve come to understand the importance of journaling to a much greater degree now. I had two women who gave me great wisdom when it came to recording my thoughts, feelings, and events in life. I wouldn’t say it’s a daily thing for me, but when I do write, there’s purpose to it.

The first woman shared the value of writing our thankfulness down. I was really sick and having a hard time figuring out what God wanted me to do in life. We were out for tea one night when she shared a habit she had started years ago, and found it to help transform her thoughts. She would write down one thing she was thankful for every day, no matter how hard the day was. Then as she went along, she added more to it. Eventually, she had an entire journal of things she was thankful for that she could reflect on. It taught her that there was so much to appreciate in life with the Lord. I appreciated her advise.

Then, a few years later, my mentor at the time asked me if I journaled. I told her periodically, but it was usually when I needed to vent or get my anger or hurt out. She instructed me to try doing it a different way. Instead of just writing thoughts and feelings, I should try to write it in a format of prayers or having some sort of reflection of the Lord in it. I took her instruction and began to apply it.

I was fascinated at the results. As I read back over my journals, I could see where the Lord was working, even if I didn’t fully notice or value it at the time. I now read over my old journals and it’s like a new story to me. The pain of the past is lessened and the joys of the celebrations increased. I can see how the Lord was using that time of life to teach me certain lessons about Himself and me. I could see where He was present, healing, protecting, and sustaining me. Those journals are now a treasure to me. They have great value.

I would say that I have a pretty good memory, but I can’t remember everything. Going back through my recordings, I can remember both small and great moments. Special treasured times with family and friends. My journals have also assisted me in writing a book I hope to share with you all soon. It’s a book about Michael’s and my journey through our marriage, concussion, infertility, and finances. The journals have given my memory a boost as I reflect about our process of overcoming these trials.

Something that really stood out to me along the way is how often the Lord sent encouragement to us. In the moment of suffering, time seems to slow down. Every day can be a struggle, so the small and significant moments can feel distanced in time. Yet, as I reflected on our trials, I was amazed reading back on all that the Lord did through it, how often He encouraged us, and all the sweet moments He gave Michael and I together and with others.

This is why I have created journals for you! I want you to be able to treasure your precious memories, your wrestling with the Lord, and your hard times. I’ve created blank lined journals for those who know what to do. I’ve created other journals that give you guidance to help along the way. It is my prayer that your time of writing will give you great treasures for the future, recording and preserving God’s work in your life too.

Stay tuned this week on our Facebook, Instagram, email, and/or website. We’re excited to share that we’ll be launching all of our journals on Tuesday!

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