Verse Packs

Are you looking to grow deeper with Jesus? Do you have a busy schedule and are struggling to find time to spend with Him? Meditate on one of the verses each day and see how the Lord encourages and strengthens you with His truth. It’s also a great way to memorize Scripture. Buy a few of the packs, then place them in frequently travelled areas in your day, such as the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, car, workplace, and/or your purse. Memorize the verse, and then turn all of the packs over to the next verse once you’ve got the first one done. Repeat until you finish the whole pack.

We’ve made various themes to encourage people in situations of illness and grief.

Why not give the gift of God’s truth to someone for their birthday? It’s a great little present topper!

You can also bless others or yourself with our encouragement verse pack.

We’ve got other themes brewing too. Do you have a theme you’d like for a verse pack? Let us know!

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